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More people are leaving the San Francisco Bay Area for Sacramento. Find out why this trend is continuing and learn more about the great amenities that exist in Sacramento!

In a bold statement intended to underscore its commitment to innovation, the City of Sacramento recently awarded nearly $1 million organizations that will incubate, accelerate and mentor startup companies willing to invest and grow in Sacramento. In approving the RAILS grants, Sacramento’s leadership took a step that has no known precedent around the country, and has made it clear that it intends to sustain and grow a cluster of companies that train technology workers, design technologies and build the products that will propel us into the future. Read about the award winners.


Jan 19 - "Helping the homeless is not for the faint of heart; there are numerous roadblocks: fiscal, physical, psychological and bureaucratic. There is no quick fix, but it must be a priority for our community." Read Post

Jan 19 - "Dozens of homeless people were camped outside in the cold that day. KCRA was told then that the shelter wasn't fully operational, but in a few weeks, it would be ready to welcome hundreds. This week, the city delivered on that promise. " Read Post

Jan 19 - “After one year as your Mayor, I feel even stronger now than a year ago about what it is going to take to succeed. We must grow Sacramento. Committing ourselves to inclusive growth, to building more community wealth, is the only way I know to achieve more for our city and to help solve our most stubborn problems." Read Post

Jan 19 - First winter triage center in Sacramento reach capacity Read Post