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Tahoe Park association (TPA)


Mailing Address

5959-8th Ave
Sacramento, CA 95820

Meeting Location

5959-8th Ave
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 581-1196

Association Information

Contact Person: Adelita Espinoza

Contact Email:

Council District: 6 and 5

Association Boundaries:

  • North - Highway 50 and North T Street
  • South - 14th Ave
  • East - 65th Street
  • West - 53rd St.

Criteria for Joining: If you have an interest in this neighborhood, please consider joining us for our meetings.

Meeting dates: Please confirm and correspond by email only.

TPA was created out of the need for an organization to advocate for continual responsible improvements in Tahoe Park while preserving the identity and integrity as a neighborhood with historical significance in Sacramento, California.