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Neighborhood Directory

This listing of Neighborhood Groups is for information only, is based on data provided by community members and some groups may be inadvertently omitted. The City of Sacramento does not guarantee the accuracy of the information or endorse any of the groups listed in the directory.

Neighborhood organizations help keep our community safe, clean, and healthy. The Directory provides contact and boundary information for groups at work in your neighborhood.

To add a new group to the directory, your organization must have identified officers, meet at least every three months, and have defined boundaries. Submit a request to add your neighborhood organization by completing a new neighborhood organization form.

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Neighborhood Association


Creekside Natomas Neighborhood AssociationDistrict1
Hampton Owners AssociationDistrict1
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict1
North Natomas Community AssociationDistrict1
Westlake Master AssociationDistrict1
Westlake Villas Community AssociationDistrict1
Natomas Chamber of CommerceDistrict1
Natomas Community AssociationDistrict1
Natomas Park Master AssociationDistrict1
North Natomas Community CoalitionDistrict1
Regency Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict1
Natomas Creek Community Watch GroupDistrict1
Valley View Acres Community AssociationDistrict1
Valley View Acres Neighbors Working TogetherDistrict1
Witter Ranch Community AllianceDistrict1
Ben Ali Community AssociationDistrict2
Benito Juarez Neighborhood AssociationDistrict2
Del Paso Boulevard PartnershipDistrict2
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict2
Noralto-Neighbors UnitedDistrict2
Old North Sac Neighborhood AssociationDistrict2
Rancho Del Paso Neighborhood AssociationDistrict2
Robla Neighbors UnitedDistrict2
Del Paso Heights Community AssociationDistrict2
Hagginwood Community AssociationDistrict2
Harmon Johnson Neighborhood AssociationDistrict2
Neighbors In ActionDistrict2
Old North Sacramento (Uptown/Dixieanne) Community AssociationDistrict2
Robla Park Community AssociationDistrict2
Strawberry Manor Neighborhood AssociationDistrict2
Swanston Estates Neighborhood AssociationDistrict2
Woodlake Neighborhood AssociationDistrict2
Woodlake PreservationDistrict2
Dreher Tract Neighborhood AssociationDistrict3
East Sac Give BackDistrict3
East Sacramento Chamber Of CommerceDistrict3
East Sacramento Improvement AssociationDistrict3
East Sacramento PreservationDistrict3
Gardenland Northgate Neighborhood AssociationDistrict3
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict3
Point West Transportation Management AuthorityDistrict3
River Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict3
Sonora Springs Neighborhood WatchDistrict3
South Natomas Improvement AssociationDistrict3
South Natomas UnitedDistrict3
The River DistrictDistrict3
Natomas Community AssociationDistrict3
Alkali And Mansion Flats Historic Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Beverly Way Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Boulevard Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Capitol Area Development AuthorityDistrict4
Capitol Area R Street Neighborhood Association and Friends of Fremont ParkDistrict4
Chinatown Mall CommitteeDistrict4
College Plaza Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Downtown Sacramento PartnershipDistrict4
Friends of Capitol Mansion Historic DistrictDistrict4
Friends Of Grant ParkDistrict4
Greater Broadway Partnership Business Improvement DistrictDistrict4
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict4
Land Park Community AssociationDistrict4
Little Pocket Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Marshall-New Era Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Midtown AssociationDistrict4
Midtown Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Newton Booth Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Old Sacramento Waterfront DistrictDistrict4
Preservation SacramentoDistrict4
Richmond Grove Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
River Oaks Community AssociationDistrict4
R Street Sacramento PartnershipDistrict4
Sacramento Riverfront AssociationDistrict4
Sierra Vista Neighborhood WatchDistrict4
Southside Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Upper Land Park NeighborsDistrict4
Washington Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict4
Winn Park Historic District AssociationDistrict4
Natomas Community AssociationDistrict4
Brentwood South Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
Colonial Heights Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
Florin Road PartnershipDistrict5
Franklin Blvd Business DistrictDistrict5
Freeport Manor Neighborhood WatchDistrict5
Freeport Renovation on the MoveDistrict5
Fullertown Homeowners AssociationDistrict5
Golf Course Terrace EstatesDistrict5
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict5
Hollywood Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
Lawrence Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
Mangan Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
North City Farms Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
Oak Park Business AssociationDistrict5
Oak Park Little League Baseball/SoftballDistrict5
Oak Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
Sierra Curtis Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
South Land Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
South Oak Park Community AssociationDistrict5
Woodbine Neighborhood AssociationDistrict5
Avondale Glen Elder Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Campus Commons Homeowners AssociationDistrict6
College Glen Community AssociationDistrict6
College Glen Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Colonial Manor Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Colonial Village Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Elmhurst Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Folsom Boulevard AllianceDistrict6
Friends of West Tahoe ParkDistrict6
Fruitridge Manor Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict6
Nepenthe Homeowners AssociationDistrict6
Power Inn AllianceDistrict6
Sierra Oaks Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Southeast Village Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Tahoe Park AssociationDistrict6
Tahoe Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Tallac Village Neighborhood AssociationDistrict6
Charter Pointe Neighborhood AssociationDistrict7
Deerfield/Mesa Grande Neighborhood AssociationDistrict7
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict7
Lake Greenhaven Homeowners AssociationDistrict7
Marina Oaks Homeowners AssociationDistrict7
North Laguna Creek Valley Hi Community AssociationDistrict7
Park Place South Homeowners AssociationDistrict7
Park River Oak Estates Homeowners AssociationDistrict7
Pocket/Greenhaven Community AssociationDistrict7
Reith Park Neighborhood AssociationDistrict7
River Grove Homeowners AssociationDistrict7
Riverlake Community AssociationDistrict7
Riverwind Place Owners AssociationDistrict7
Sacramento Roundtree Homeowners AssociationDistrict7
South Pocket Homeowners AssociationDistrict7
Valley Hi Neighborhood AssociationDistrict7
Bless Child Community AssociationDistrict8
Brookfield Homeowners AssociationDistrict8
Cabrillo Parks Neighborhood AssociationDistrict8
Detroit Community AssociationDistrict8
Florin Road PartnershipDistrict8
Hampton Station Neighborhood AssociationDistrict8
Health Education Council Sacramento Community AssociationDistrict8
Henrietta Drive Neighborhood AssociationDistrict8
Meadowview Neighborhood AssociationDistrict8
Morrison Creek EstatesDistrict8
North Laguna Creek Valley Hi Community AssociationDistrict8
North Laguna Creek Neighborhood AssociationDistrict8
Phoenix ParkDistrict8
Pollack Ranch Neighborhood AssociationDistrict8
Regency Place Homeowners AssociationDistrict8
Southgate Gardens Homeowners AssociationDistrict8
Wildwood Homeowners AssociationDistrict8