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The three FEC counselor/coaches, employed through our lead partner team at the Sacramento office of International Rescue Committee, are working with the following community partners to amplify their outcomes through service integration. As their capacity allows, they will also be accepting other referrals.

Alchemist CDC is thrilled to partner with the FEC on our Alchemy Kitchen project and connect under-resourced food entrepreneurs to financial empowerment tools. This partnership will enhance the services available to our entrepreneurs, help them build their economic stability, and lead to a more vibrant and equitable future for Sacramento.
-Jacob Sacks, Alchemy Kitchen Project Manager

For the often-overlooked population of low-wage immigrant workers that Building Skills Partnership serves, the FEC partnership provides invaluable guidance and tools to assist them in moving their family out of poverty, building assets, and entering the financial mainstream. Through the FEC, a janitor can open her first bank account, improve her credit, and access a loan for a car or a home, dramatically improving her family's quality of life and breaking the cycle of poverty for the next generation. This opportunity to access financial stability with a trusted coach who speaks their native language is invaluable. It provides an essential service for a workforce that is finally recognized as essential. Indeed now more than ever, the janitors who keep our buildings clean and healthy deserve this opportunity to move from the economic margins to the mainstream.
-Sylvia Romo, Sacramento Program Coordinator

Hacker Lab is proud to partner with the FEC, whose mission aligns with ours: To help people advance their lives. Our mission is to provide workforce training, equipment and entrepreneurial resources accessible to all disadvantaged communities. Personal financial skills is a foundational skill set for success in life and one-on-one counseling is the most powerful way to instill new knowledge and build trust. This partnership will be transformational for many members that we work with and our team at Hacker Lab could not be more appreciative for the opportunity.
-Gina Lujan, CEO

La Familia Counseling Center, Inc. believes in and is built on the foundation of collaborating with other organizations to empower our community. Especially during these turbulent times it is most important to help people take a greater role in their financial future. Helping our community learn and understand about budgeting, checking and savings accounts, credit scores, loans, and investments, is so critical right now and can lead to financial stability. The FEC collaboration benefits all by giving tools and techniques on how to understand, plan, and implement their own financial future for their families. This is the American dream that all families have the opportunity to be financially secure, and to create a legacy of a successful financial foundation for their children and those who come after.
-Rachel Rios, Executive Director

The FEC will allow Mutual Assistance Network the opportunity to connect the individuals and families that we work with to a certified financial counselor and coach. This is a valuable inclusive economic development strategy to address systemic barriers to economic stability and growth for neighborhood residents. 
-Danielle Lawrence, Executive Director

Next Move is deeply rooted in the belief that empowering clients with the tools they need is fundamental to their long-term success in building and maintaining self-reliance. Our partnership with the FEC will help bridge a large gap in service provisions, allowing our clients and community to better understand their financial position, and then learn and implement strategies to achieve future goals.
-Richard Abrusci, Executive Director

SEIU 1000 appreciates the opportunity to partner with the FEC to connect our members to resources that could assist them in strengthening their financial well-being. We want our members to have access to the best organizations with in-depth financial counseling knowledge, including access to loans and grants. We are excited to connect members to resources that could help them reduce debt, pay for college, and better position themselves to meet their own financial goals. 
-Yvonne R. Walker, President

The United Way California Capital Region’s partnership with the FEC will help us in our continued efforts, through a strengths-based approach, to help low-income families reach financial stability. Through this partnership we will not only be able to offer our VITA/Free Tax Prep clients and Kindergarten to College families high quality financial coaching, but also it will ensure that these families are empowered to reach their financial goals and dreams.
-Paul Miner, Program Officer, Financial Capability

The FEC is a valuable and important partner for Wind Youth Services because the young people we support need to feel capable to manage their finances and empowered to grow their resources. We are excited and encouraged by our collaborators at the FEC, and look forward to a successful program.
-Robynne Rose-Haymer, Executive Director, Wind Youth Services 

We at Juma Ventures (together with Wind Youth Services) are grateful for our partnership with the FEC to connect our young people to a dedicated financial coach. The opportunities for individualized financial services and loan products to help build financial assets and capabilities through the FEC are a perfect supplement to Juma's existing financial capability workshops, account and direct deposit incentives, and partnerships.
-Stephen Norris, Director of Development, Juma Ventures