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Economic Gardening 2.0 Testimonials

Find out what our first two cohort participants had to say about this program. 

COHORT 2 participants

  • 3Fold Communications - "At 3Fold, our team is focused on finding work and clients that meet us at our mission of helping to make the world a better place. While the majority of our client base is rooted in relationships and connections and long-term contracts, there are still more clients to help and more audiences to reach. NCEG came in with an established approach that helped us cut through our own walls and identify a specific area of focus. Having an outside partner help you see what you may be missing when you're so involved in the day-to-day execution has proved invaluable to myself. I'd recommend any business, at any stage, apply for this program, especially with Berkeley Strategy Advisors at the helm."


  • Chico Community Publishing, Inc. - "Working with the City of Sacramento's Economic Gardening project and Kenny Sadler's Berkeley Strategy Advisors team has been wonderful. This was a rewarding and transformative experience for N&R Publications. The background study material provided was very helpful and gave us real insight into how to change our marketing strategy to better compete in a national marketplace. The biggest benefit to us was working directly with the consultants. Erik Deckers helped us develop better branding by coming up with the term "Awareness Journalism". In the future, when Awareness Journalism has many returns in Google searches, it will be because of the feedback loop of N&R Publications doing more national work and getting increased recognition of our work here in Sacramento. The seed was planted by the City of Sacramento's Economic Gardening project."


  • Everyday Consulting, Inc. - "NCEG's consultant team provided us exactly what we need to take our business to the next level. Their research was tailored to our unique business needs and has already helped us rethink our business strategies and future areas of investment. The NCEG team was top notch, and we strongly recommend this program to any firm that is looking for the right consulting team to grow their business."


  • FPS Autoparts - "As one of the last independent auto part stores in Sacramento, we recognize our competitors are all huge corporations. We haven't had the same resources to compete with them. Now, the EG 2.0 program is going to provide our team with access to the tools we've needed to scale. We are very excited."


  • KJ2 Productions - "The Sacramento Economic Gardening program has really enlightened us on the tremendous business opportunities that we have overlooked. The research has yielded invaluable data that should assist us in growing our business."


  • Mercenary Creative Group - "This process has been wonderful and has really generated some next level ideas in regard to building new verticals for our business. It was very organized and professional and everybody we worked with were a pleasure to talk to. They were all very supportive of our ideas as well. I would highly recommend this program to any small to mid-sized business looking to grow."


  • Pachamama Coffee - "Great research and strategy. Very valuable once fully implemented."


  • RG Consulting Group, Inc. - "I am so thankful to everyone in NCEG, to the City of Sacramento and especially to Kenny Sadler."


  • Sagent Marketing - "Sagent's leadership team is so excited to be a part of Economic Gardening 2.0. The level of research data and insights is such a gift to our new business development efforts. We are really looking forward to the next stage of the process to zero in on high priority prospects using the tools NCEG brings."


  • Yellow Brick Group - "The Economic Gardening program has provided Yellow Brick Group with invaluable insights into our competitors and industry at large, ultimately giving us a competitive advantage like we've never had before."

cohort 1 participants

Mark Adams of AHI Construction, Inc.

Meghan Phillips of Honey, Inc.

Jason Poole of Preservation & Co.

Susan Poole of The Party Concierge

Greg Connolly of Trifecta

Tina Reynolds of Uptown Studios, Inc.