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Agriculture Hub and Research and Development


Top-performing sectors in this cluster analysis include activities such as food manufacturing and grocery- or farm-related wholesalers. With around 6,400 jobs, the Agribusiness & Food Manufacturing cluster represents a $3 billion industry in the region. 

UC Davis’ focus on sustainable agriculture presents an opportunity to benefit from the innovation and research commercialization prospects derived from this research and education program.

Key Locally Headquartered Employers and Businesses

  • Blue Diamond Growers has been a staple in the Sacramento community for over 100 years. The almond crop is California’s largest food export and provides over 80% of the world’s almond supply.
  • HP Hood, LLC.  The 160 year-old company with 135 employees in the Sacramento area distributes dairy products throughout the United States. 
  • Red Rooster Ag Products  is a Sacramento-based agriculture company provides supplies and tools for the agricultural trade.
  • General Produce has been in business since 1933.  General Produce is a major distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables. General Produce is a locally owned, third generation produce company.

Key Facts

  • On a busy day, during harvest season, Blue Diamond Growers processes more than 12 million pounds of almonds.
  • Sacramento is listed at #5 for "10 Cities that love craft beer the most" according to
  • 90 percent of food and beverages served at the Golden One Center will be locally sourced within 150 miles of Sacramento.
  • The Sacramento Region sold $8 million worth of wine grapes during 2012.
  • 95% of rice grown in the state of California comes from the Sacramento Valley.
  • Sacramento ranks #1 for “11 of the world’s best cities for coffee lovers” according to 

Regional Efforts

  • Farm-to-Fork Movement. Sacramento is the capital city for the largest agriculture producing state in the United States. The Farm-to-Fork movement is a year around effort to raise agriculture awareness in the Sacramento Region.
  • AgStart is a new program implemented by the Sacramento Regional Technology Alliance (SARTA) to promote innovative sustainable agricultural technology for companies. The program leverages the Sacramento Region’s long-standing history of being a vital component of California’s agricultural economy. 
  • California Capital Region Export Plan. The Northern California World Trade Center created the California Capital Region Export Plan. The plan identifies specific steps the Sacramento Region can take to enhance regional economic development. 
  • AgTech Innovation Fund is a venture capital fund investing in early stage food and agricultural-technology companies in North America. The Fund supports entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to improve farm productivity.

 “Blue Diamond Growers has been a vital part of Sacramento’s agricultural business community since 1910. As Sacramento has reconnected to its agricultural roots while nurturing a business-friendly environment, both parties look forward to growth and success in the next 105 years together."

 -Mark Jansen, President and CEO
Blue Diamond Growers