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LINKING Industries

In addition to the other industry sectors, Sacramento demonstrates strength in five “Linking” industries. Linking industry sectors perform or engage in activities within all of the four key industries. Sacramento’s five linking industries include the following:

  • Advanced Manufacturing - About 5,000 jobs in activities such as motor vehicle parts, communications and equipment manufacturing are supported by the Advanced Manufacturing cluster. This industry’s core activities generally link all four key industry sectors identified.
  • Business and Financial Services - This industry sector is Sacramento’s second-largest sector in terms of employment. It possesses a high level of specialization and has a relatively large proportion of base employment.
  • Government - As the State’s Capital city, Sacramento’s largest industry structure by employment is Government. Government itself comprises over one-third of the city’s employment. Government supports multiple sectors and opportunities within the region.
  • Retail - Sacramento is surrounded by communities with retail establishments that draw resident spending. Data shows that retail leakages exist in nearly all major categories based on the gap between expected and actual retail spending activity. The largest leakage factors are shown in the Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers and General Merchandise Stores categories. The only category with a retail surplus factor was Food Service & Drinking Places, reflecting the regional draw of these types of establishments in the city core.
  • Entertainment and Tourism - Noted in the top five California visitor markets, the Sacramento region generates $2.1 billion in tourism revenue, with 25 million visitors per year - $1.3 billion of that in retail, food and entertainment spending. Sacramento’s Downtown – a hub for convention and other events – brings in over 175,000 conventioneers, thousands of spectators, and well over $50 million in generated economic impacts annually. Sacramento’s Entertainment and Tourism market, coupled with its strong demographics, presents tremendous opportunities to capitalize on retail and business opportunities while supporting the city’s local economy.

Key locally headquartered Employers and Businesses

  • Five Star Bank is headquartered in Sacramento and is a prominent bank for the Sacramento business community.  Started in 1999 by Sacramento area business leaders, Five Star Bank provides local banking with an emphasis on commercial real estate and small business.      
  • SkySlope is one of many new start-up innovative tech companies in Sacramento. Started in late 2012 with four employees, SkySlope now employs nearly 50 people. SkySlope’s online transaction management software helps real estate brokers and agents across the U.S. by eliminating paperwork associated with closing.
  • PackageOne, the Sacramento-based company recently merged with American River Packaging and is one of the largest independent custom packaging manufacturers in California.   
  • Sacramento Laundry provides professional laundry services to luxury hotels in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Teichert Construction is a general contractor company that builds large scale infrastructure projects including roads, freeways, commercial and industrial sitework, parks and airports.
  • Downey Brand LLP founded in California’s capital city of Sacramento, is strategically positioned to serve clients in business, natural resources and litigation matters throughout California.

Key Facts

  • Sacramento is the capital to the 7th largest economy in the world (California).
  • Sacramento is #5 on the top 10 list of travel-worthy state capital cities chosen by the Readers’ Choice Travel Awards.
  • Historic old Sacramento brings in over 2 million annual visitors.
  • Downtown Sacramento brings in over 175,000 visiting conventioneers, thousands of spectators and well over $50 million in generated economic impacts.
  • The metropolitan area offers more than 150 restaurants and nightclub venues.
  • Sacramento ranks in the Top 15 for America’s “Coolest Cities” according to Forbes Magazine.
  • With an array of activities, Broadway Theater, museums, concerts in the park—Sacramento’s downtown brings in 4 million people annually.
  • Over 1,200 registered lobbyists in Sacramento representing hundreds of trade associations.
  • Over $50 million added to the regional economy each year from the entertainment and tourism industry.
  • The new Golden One Center, which will open in October 2016, is anticipated to be a LEED Gold Certified Building.  This would make the Golden One Center the first LEED Gold Certified entertainment venue in California.

Regional Efforts

  • Next Economy Plan serves as the five year region plan examines methods to accelerate job creation and new investment in the Sacramento Region.
  • California Capital Region Export Plan The Northern California World Trade Center prepared the California Capital Region Export Plan in an effort to create specific regional strategies related to export growth and foreign investment.
  • Civic Amenities Plan.  Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Civic Amenities Plan defines the region’s civic and cultural amenities while providing a direct link to their benefit from an economic development perspective.  


“Five Star Bank has been a part of the Sacramento business community since 1999. Since then we have had the honor of helping a multitude of businesses succeed in this region. Those business owners, who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit, truly make this region an ideal place to do business.”  

--- Five Star Bank President and CEO, Mr. James Beckwith.