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Office of Nighttime Economy

The Office of Nighttime Economy serves as a liaison for the nightlife industry, community, and City agencies. Our goal is to help ensure a safe, vibrant, and well managed nightlife Sacramento. Nightlife is a vital part of the city's economy, culture, and identity, supporting jobs and generating revenue. The nightlife has become an important incubator of cultural movements and provides spaces for connection, creativity, and personal expression.

The Office of Nighttime Economy coordinates City services and programs to promote responsible growth, diversity, creativity, inclusion, and quality of life for all Sacramento residents and visitors.

The intent of this website is to act as a resource and provide information for nightlife and hospitality business operators, workers, performers, patrons, and residents to better navigate city services.

About us

This office works to develop and coordinate solutions to support the nighttime and sociable economy, culture, and quality of life.

As residents and visitors spend more time enjoying Sacramento’s growing nightlife and entertainment options, the City of Sacramento created a new position to serve as a coordinator, collaborator, mediator, policy maker and single point of contact for the nighttime economy. In September 2022, Tina Lee-Vogt was appointed as Sacramento’s first Nighttime Economy Manager. This position oversees and centralizes ongoing efforts from various departments – including Code Enforcement, Police, Public Works and the Office of Innovation and Economic Development. The Nighttime Economy Manager also works closely with local businesses, residents, and communities to address and resolve issues and further enhance the development of Sacramento’s nighttime economy.

The creation of the Office of Nighttime Economy highlights Sacramento’s position as a leader in a growing movement of more than 40 major cities around the world working to proactively manage life at night. These efforts have resulted in social benefits such as reductions in crime and noise complaints, and healthier, more productive nighttime economies.


The Office of Nighttime Economy is led by Tina Lee-Vogt who was appointed as the city’s first Nighttime Economy Manager. She had managed the City’s Entertainment Permit Program since 2009, which included reviewing, approving, issuing and administering permits to businesses throughout the city. In addition to leading an inter-departmental team that addresses and resolves entertainment and nightlife related issues, she collaborated with the Police and Fire departments to offer the “Pubs, Clubs, and Bars” training for local businesses. With more than 30 years of City service, she worked in a variety of departments, including Police, Neighborhood Services and Finance. She is also a board member of Nitecap, a nighttime economy, culture, and policy alliance.