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Stockton Boulevard Housing Stabilization Programs


As part of the Stockton Boulevard area revitalization and the Aggie Square project, over $10 million will be available for a multi-year program of housing and financial support for residents living in the neighborhoods around the Stockton Boulevard corridor. These programs are funded by the City of Sacramento and University of California Davis, there will be $2 million in funding available on a first-come, first-serve basis for eligible residents.

In addition, $410,000 in funding from TECH Clean California and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network is being invested in heat pumps and energy saving home repairs.

Who is eligible?

Residents who live within the following zip codes: 95817, 92820, 95824, 95828 and have an annual income below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

80% AMI Limit by Family Size
Family Size Income Limit
1 $60,050
2 $68,600
3 $77,200
4 $85,750
5 $92,650
6 $99,500
7 $106,350
8 $113,200

Programs for homeowners may also require additional requirements to determine eligibility. Please visit the websites below for additional information on each program and its requirements.

If you have questions, contact Axel Magallanes at (916) 808-1844 or

Home Repair Program

  • Home repairs for critical maintenance and safety issues for 40-50 owner-occupied households.
  • Installation and education of new, energy-efficient “heat pump” heating and cooling equipment and hot water heaters for 25 owner-occupied households.

If you are the owner of your home and in need of assistance with home repairs, please visit Habitat for Humanity’s website for more information and application materials.

Financial Assistance and Counseling

  • Bill payment assistance with mortgage, rent, utilities, or other housing cost.
  • Financial literacy classes.
  • Household budget planning.

For more information, please visit Salvation Army’s website

Homeless Prevention Services

These services provide individuals and families who are at imminent risk of homelessness with

  • Homelessness prevention case management services.
  • Landlord support.
  • One-time assistance with unexpected housing costs.
  • Financial literacy classes.

Homeless Prevention may be available to persons who meet all the following criteria:

  • Experiencing a financial crisis; and
  • Have received an Unlawful Detainer (court eviction hearing notice or court-ordered eviction) or a written notice of intent to terminate tenancy from a landlord (includes 3-day pay or quit) or notice of rent increase and unable to pay; and
  • Lacks financial resources and support networks to obtain other permanent housing.
  • Participants must live in 95817, 95820, 95824, or 95828 to be eligible.

For more information, please contact (916) 531-3177 or 211.

First-Time Homebuyer Program

This program will provide qualifying residents with:

  • Credit repair and counseling.
  • Funds for debt repayment.
  • Homebuyer education.
  • Financial assistance with home down payment or closing costs.

For more information and application please visit Unseen Heroes/CLTRE’s website .