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Accounts Payable

Invoice Payment Status

Vendors providing goods and/or services to the City of Sacramento generally have their invoices processed for payment within 30 days of the invoice date. If you are a City vendor with an invoice that is outstanding more than 30 days, first contact the individual or department you provided the goods or services for to determine if they processed your invoice for payment. If this approach has been unsuccessful, please send an email to

Be sure to include your invoice with the email.

Doing Business With the City of Sacramento

The City requires a current Form W-9 and either a California Form 590, for in-state vendors and nonprofit organizations, or California Form 587 for out-of-state vendors, when establishing a new vendor account or making any kind of payment. The purpose of the forms is to ensure that the City complies with Federal and State withholding requirements. The forms also ensure that the City has the correct name of the individual or business, the correct address and the correct form of business for the vendor or payee. Click below to obtain current forms such as the W-9, 590 and 587.

ACH Payments to Suppliers/Vendors (Automated Clearing House)

City of Sacramento is now offering ACH payment option to our suppliers/vendors. ACH payments are electronic payments that will be sent to your bank account instead of you getting a physical check in the mail from the City. There is no charge for this service from City of Sacramento.

For details on the program, please send an email to

Electronic Payments

The City of Sacramento offers an electronic payment method for vendors called ePayables. Vendors participating in the ePayables program receive payment for outstanding invoices via credit card.

For details on the program, please send an email to

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