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Vendor Information Update

The City of Sacramento is updating our accounts payable processing system. These changes will enable our A/P Processing Center to process your invoices quickly and issue payments promptly, and will provide additional benefits such as enabling greater accuracy and improving operational efficiency. The new features will help us reduce postage costs and reducing the amount of paper required to receive, process, approve and pay your invoices.

Some highlights of the new features include:

  • Purchase Orders will be sent to you via email;
  • Invoices can be submitted by you to us via email; and
  • Invoices will be processed centrally in the new A/P Processing Center.

Update Your Information

To process your invoices expeditiously, we need your help. We need you to update and validate the vendor information we have on file for you. The City of Sacramento requests that you update your contact information. Specifically, we would like you to validate and update existing information, add new information, and delete outdated information for locations, addresses, and contact information.

Update Vendor Info