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Public Improvement Financing and Special Districts


  • To facilitate the formation and administration of financing plans, assessment districts, tax districts and fee districts for development and the continuance of services in support of the Strategic Plan goal to achieve sustainability and enhance livability.

Primary Functions

  • Team on infrastructure and service delivery funding issues to evaluate, recommend and implement Special District and other financing strategies.
  • Develop and manage infrastructure financing plans and facilitate underlying infrastructure plans
  • Oversee the legal process that enables the formation of special districts throughout the city of Sacramento.
  • Administer district funds, monitor growth activity, and establish budgets for the servicing of each district.
  • Establish and administer development impact fee districts throughout the City, monitor development activity, and periodically recommend fee adjustments to ensure the viability of the district.
  • Facilitate reimbursement to developers who have built public infrastructure.

What is a Special District?

A Special District is a legal governmental entity that has been formed over a specific geographic area within the City of Sacramento and in the County, if jurisdiction is approved by the Board of Supervisors. Its purpose is to fund and/or maintain a variety of public infrastructure and/or services. Special districts include Assessment Districts (ADs), Property Business Improvement Districts (PBIDs), etc.

General Contact Information
Public Improvement Financing
Finance Department
915 I Street 5th Floor NCH
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 808-1440