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District Information

Types of Special Districts

There are three types of special districts:

  • Annual Service Districts: Annual districts provide funds for maintenance and operations of public landscaping along major roadways and open spaces, streetlights, parks, etc. They also provide funding for specialized services for libraries, transportation management, and Business Improvement Districts. The lighting and landscape maintenance districts are enhancements to services provided by the citywide lighting and landscape district. The annual assessment amounts may vary year to year depending on the actual budget requirements.

  • Bonded Districts: These districts sell bonds to finance a variety of public improvements, which primarily include the construction of streets, drainage, water & sewer facilities, streetlights and the acquisition of the land necessary to construct these improvements. Bonds are sold and property owners re-pay through annual assessments over time.

  • Fee Districts: Fee districts, better known as developer impact fees, collect fees at time of development in specified geographic development areas for the purpose of constructing or reimbursing developers for constructing public improvements such as streets, storm drains, water and sewer facilities, streetlights, etc.

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts: An EIFD is a type of special financing district that utilizes a portion of tax increment revenue from a specific area to finance capital facilities or other specified projects of community wide significance that provide significant benefits to the area within the EIFD or the surrounding community.