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Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts

An EIFD is a type of special financing district that utilizes a portion of tax increment revenue from a specific area to finance capital facilities or other specified projects of community wide significance that provide significant benefits to the area within the EIFD or the surrounding community.

Current EIFDS


Located on the UC Health Science Campus along the Stockton Boulevard corridor adjacent to the UC Davis Medical Center, the Aggie Square EIFD finances a portion of the cost of public facilities and affordable housing projects within the Aggie Square Development Project.


Located in the eastern portion of the Railyards Development, the Stadium Area EIFD finances public infrastructure improvements and ancillary development in support of the proposed MLS Stadium Area development. 


Located on 244 Acres within the Railyards Specific Plan, the Railyards EIFD provides financing for the construction of public infrastructure and improvements connecting the Railyards Development to the Downtown core and to other parts of the City.