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covid-19 alert 

CITY HALL REVENUE COUNTER CLOSURE - Walk-in access to the City Hall Revenue Services Counter will not be available beginning Thursday, March 19, 2020.

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED - Payments will be accepted through on-line systems, City Hall drop box on H Street or by mail.

BUSINESS OPERATION TAX - Questions can be directed to  

DEPP RENEWALS - DEPP can be renewed online during this period.

PARKING CITATIONS - Inquiries for parking citations can be submitted online.

Cannabis business operation tax

All cannabis businesses need to obtain a Conditional Use Permit from Planning and a Business Operating Permit from the Office of Cannabis Management prior to to operating.

Cannabis businesses pay a business tax of 4% of their gross receipts.  Taxes are remitted on a monthly basis. You will begin paying tax once you begin operating and generating revenue. 

You may apply for your cannabis business operation tax online, in-person, or by mail.  If you apply online, please email your account number to Ranelle Kawasaki.  In-person or by mail applications may be submitted to:

City of Sacramento
Attn: Ranelle Kawasaki
915 I Street, Room 1201
Sacramento, CA 95814