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Renewing Your Account

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED by mail, City Hall drop box on H Street, online, or by phone or in person.

BUSINESS OPERATIONS TAX - Apply or Renew online.  

All businesses must renew their account and pay tax annually. Renewals are mailed in February, May, August, and November for the quarterly renewal periods.

You can now renew your account and pay tax online. You will need the account number and the last four digits of the Federal Id or SSN associated with the account.

Trying to figure out how much you owe? Maybe our business tax calculator can help. Select your business type and your Business Improvement Area (from line H of your renewal form). Then enter the gross receipts or number of professional employees for your business and press Calculate. The calculator will help you determine how much you owe in business tax.

Business Tax Calculator

Description Amount($)
State Fee 4
Business Improvement Area 0
Total 0