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cannabis (STOREFRONT) Dispensaries

There are 30 medical dispensaries operating in the City of Sacramento, 28 of whom are also permitted to sell Adult Use cannabis.  There is currently a moratorium in place for storefront dispensaries, and no applications are being accepted at this time.  Retail (dispensary) permits are available for non-storefront, delivery-only dispensaries.  Delivery-only dispensaries are medical and adult use retail shops that are not open to the public and solely deliver cannabis to patients and/or consumers.

Below is a list and the location of permitted cannabis dispensaries in the city:

  • 515 Broadway - 515 Broadway  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • A Therapeutic Alternative - 3015 H Street  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Abatin Wellness - 2100 29th Street  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • All About Wellness - 1900 19th Street  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Alpine Alternative - 8112 Alpine Avenue (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Alternative Medical Center - 1220 Blumenfeld Drive  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Canna Care Inc. - 320 Harris Avenue #G (Medical Only)
  • CC101 - 6435 Florin Perkins Road (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Cloud 9 - 5711 Florin Perkins Road (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Community Health Solutions - 5852 88th Street, Suite 750 (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Delta Health & Wellness - 2418 17th Street (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Doctors Orders - 1704 Main Avenue  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Florin Wellness Center Inc. - 1421 47th Avenue  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Golden Health and Wellness Collective -1115 Fee Drive  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Green Solutions - 1404 28th Street  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Greenstone Biomass, DBA: 1841 - (Medical only)
  • Horizon Nonprofit Collective - 1841 El Camino Avenue (Medical and Adult Use)
  • House of Organics, DBA: Perchta - 8848 Fruitridge Road  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Hugs Alternative Care LLC - 2035 Stockton Boulevard  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Metro Health Solutions - 6492 Florin Perkins Road  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Northstar Holistic Collective - 1236 C Street  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • River City Phoenix - 1508 El Camino Avenue  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Sacramento Community Cannabis Collective, DBA: Connected Sacramento - 2831 Fruitridge Road Ste. E  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Safe Accessible Solutions - 8125 36th Avenue  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Safe Capitol Compassion - 135 Main Avenue  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • South Sacramento Care Center - 114A Otto Circle  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • THC Sacramento Sharp Source - 6666 Fruitridge Road #C  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Two Rivers Wellness - 315 N. 10th Street, Ste A  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Valley Health Options - 1421 Auburn Boulevard  (Medical and Adult Use)
  • Zen Garden Wellness (P.S.A.C.) - 2201 Northgate Boulevard  (Medical and Adult Use)

Adult Use (recreational) dispensaries

The City Council approved the retail of Adult Use cannabis in Sacramento by qualified permitted storefront dispensaries only (click here for PowerPoint presentation).  A modification of the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and  Dispensary Business Operating Permit (BOP) is required to add Adult Use to their operations.   Permitted dispensaries must first get a pre-qualification from Office of Cannabis Policy and Enforcement to apply for a CUP.   A modification of the CUP requires a Neighborhood Responsibility Plan.


Non-storefront dispensaries are cannabis retail stores that are not open to the public.  Retail transactions are conducted strictly by delivery only.  Please see our delivery page for more information on non-storefront, delivery-only dispensaries.