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fire stations

Flag over Station 43

The Sacramento Fire Department has 24 active Fire Stations strategically located throughout its service area. Eight stations are located north of the American River, seven stations in the central downtown and eastern sections of the City, and nine stations in the southern portions of the City.

Are you interested in seeing what the inside of a fire station looks like? How about finding out more about what it's like to be a firefighter? Then plan to attend one of the scheduled Fire Station Open Houses.

To view fire station images, click on the following links:

Fire Station Locations and City Council Districts (pdf)

Fire Station Locations and Engine Company Response Zones (pdf)

Station 1624 Q Street

Station 21229 I Street

Station 37208 Elkhorn Boulevard

Station 43145 Granada Way

Station 5 731 Broadway

Station 63301 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Station 76500 Wyndham Drive

Station 85990 H Street

Station 105642 66th Street

Station 11785 Florin Road

Station 124500 24th Street

Station 131100 43rd Avenue

Station 141400 North B Street

Station 151640 West El Camino Avenue

Station 167363 24th Street

Station 171311 Bell Avenue

Station 18746 North Market Boulevard

Station 191700 Challenge Way

Station 202512 Rio Linda Boulevard

Station 301901 Club Center Drive

Station 434201 El Centro Road

Station 563720 47th Avenue

Station 577927 East Parkway

Station 603301 Julliard Drive