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Fire Code Enforcement

Fire Code Enforcement is responsible for following-up on complaints, school inspections, day care inspections, and administering the administrative penalty and hearing process. To report a fire code violation or request an inspection, please email the Fire Code Enforcement Team.


Facilities licensed by the Department of Health Services and Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing, are required to have a fire clearance inspection in order to be licensed.

Large Family Day Care homes provide family day care for nine to fourteen children, including children who reside at the home for a period of less than 24 hours per day. Day care activities shall be confined to areas approved by the Fire Department. Please refer to the Large Family Day Care Packet to prepare for an inspection.

It is suggested that you schedule a pre-inspection for your facility. At the time of the pre-inspection, the fire prevention officer shall provide consultation and interpretation of fire safety regulations for the facility. The regulations shall be enforced in order to obtain fire clearance approval. Upon receipt of form LIC 9092, an appointment shall be scheduled. A fee of $120 per hour will be charged.


To set up a Christmas Tree lot, please complete the Christmas Tree Lot Permit Application. Please note, the Sacramento Fire Department will also conduct inspections on two different occasions.

Please consult the California State Fire Marshal website for approved flame retardant chemicals for Christmas trees.


Fireworks booth operating dates and hours are June 28 (1200-2200 hours), and June 29 through July 4 (0900-2200 hours). All booths in the department’s jurisdiction will be inspected at least once by a Fire Prevention Officer (FPO). In addition, FPO’s will inspect all booths at least one night during the week to ensure compliance with the closing operating hours. To voluntarily turn in illegal fireworks, please call 916-264-5471, and a city representative will arrange for pick up.

For more information about using fireworks, please visit our safety tips site. For questions or complaints regarding fireworks booths, legal fireworks, aerial and/or proximate firework public display events, please email our Special Events Team.


The School Inspection Self-Preparation Information guide is available to help educational facilities prepare and conduct their own self inspections.


Event promoters, sponsors, and vendors are encourage to contact the Special Events Officer with any questions or concerns.


Due to a marked increase in false alarm activity, the Sacramento Fire Department has implemented a False Alarm mitigation program to help reduce these types of incidents. False alarms tend to increase the call volume of first responders which can in turn impact their ability to respond to legitimate emergencies in a safe and timely manner.


Whenever a fire alarm, fire sprinkler system or other required fire protection system is placed out of service due to either a planned or unplanned impairment, the Fire Department needs to immediately be notified (thinking “notified” as the hyper link to the form) of the impairment and a Fire Prevention Officer will be contacting you. For planning, please refer to the Notification of Fire Watch Letter.