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Fire Permit Inspection

Fire Permit Inspection Services provides inspections of all existing occupancies required to have an operational permit and those required by the California Health and Safety Code to be inspected on an annual basis. Operational permits allow the entity to conduct an operation or a business for which a permit is required by Appendix Chapter 1, Section 105.6 of the California Fire Code. To assist you in preparing for a permit inspection, please refer to our Self Inspection Fire Prevention Planning document and if you need to request an inspection, please email the Fire Inspection Team.


To assist business owners in maintaining a safe environment and complying with fire safety codes, Fire Inspector’s Guides have been developed. These guides list basic items that are inspected, based on the type of occupancy, to ensure code compliance and to help prevent fires. If you are not sure what type of occupancy applies to your business, please consult the reference guide, Occupancy Classifications, for information and a description of each occupancy type. Keep in mind that businesses are typically categorized under one occupancy type, however, in some cases, more than one occupancy type may apply.


The Self-Certification Inspection program is for apartment complexes with 3 – 15 units. Building owners interested in participating in the program are required to complete an Apartment Self-Certification Affidavit which includes a self-inspection of the property and providing emergency contact information. Apartment building owners who do not wish to participate in the voluntary self-certification program will require an inspection to be conducted by a Fire Prevention Officer.


Facilities licensed by the Department of Health Services and Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing, are required to have a fire clearance inspection in order to be licensed. Large Family Day Care homes provide family day care for nine to fourteen children, including children who reside at the home for a period of less than 24 hours per day. Day care activities shall be confined to areas approved by the Fire Department. Please refer to the Large Family Day Care Checklist to prepare for an inspection. For information regarding Residential Care Facilities, please visit the California Department of Social Services website.


The School Inspection Self-Preparation Information guide is available to help educational facilities prepare and conduct their own self inspections.


To help prepare you for your special event inspection, please refer to our Self Inspection Fire Prevention Planning document. If you need to request an inspection, please email the Fire Inspection Team. For event promoters, sponsors, and vendors, please refer to our Special Event Guidebook. If you have questions that have not been addressed in the guidebook, please email

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