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The Training Division promotes the improvement of public service through the facilitation of ongoing drills and exercises that reflect the real-life experiences encountered in the field by firefighting crews. The overall mission is to prepare employees to be successful in their careers by providing the tools and the blueprint to succeed at emergency incidents through the administration of training exercises incorporating the best, most current practices of existing regulations and standards.

The Training Division continually strives to assist its personnel by providing a structured training environment to develop and strengthen essential job skills and insure the workforce is always capable of performing quality public service whenever called upon in a continuing state of readiness.

Teamwork is promoted with “Safety” being the most important factor. Because of the various Federal, State, and Local mandates, training must address and constantly make personnel aware of the ongoing changes and liabilities incurred as a result of those changes. As the Fire Service as an Industry progresses and changes, the Training Division aims to advance the workforce to achieve the highest of Industry standards and introduce the newest strategies and techniques as well as advances in equipment and technology as they become available.

The Training Division is overseen by the Assistant Chief of Training. The division is supported by an In-Service Training Captain and one Administrative Staff. Programs within the Training Division include: E.V.O.C. (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, which has a Captain and 3 instructors); the Fire Academy (has a Drillmaster and various Instructors); and a Physical-Fitness/Health & Wellness Program (has a Coach and numerous Physical Fitness Coordinators).

Other Programs within the Division of Training include the J.A.C.’s program (Joint-Apprenticeship Committee); S.A.R.T. (Serious Accident Review Team), Peer Support Committee, C.I.S.D. (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing) , Promotional Academy, Target Solutions (on-line Training Media). Links through the Training Division include Target Solutions, California Fire & Rescue Training Authority, Northern California Regional Public Safety Training Authority (NCRPSTRA), Close Calls, and the Secret List.

The Sacramento Fire Department Training Division is located at 2409 Dean St in McClellan Park in Sacramento County and is part of the NCRPSTRA. It manages the Consolidated Training Schedule and Day to Day Training Operations for the Sacramento Fire Department which includes monthly Department Multi-company Drills, HAZMAT, and USAR (CA TF-7) as well. It also manages the Department’s Fire Academy when in operation and has a state of the art training complex which includes a modern drill tower and several burn buildings and extensive props for heavy, high, low angle rescue and has unlimited potential for further future upgrades located on 50+ acres at the McClellan site. The Training complex at McClellan has several large classrooms, a large exercise-weight room, a warehouse, and Tactical-village for police and fire training simulation and also a 3-bay Academy Training Station for fire recruits attending the Fire Academy. The Training Division staff have also written and applied for grants to obtain government funding for department programs when necessary.

To contact the Training Division, please call (916) 566-6599.