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HR Boards & Commissions

The Sacramento City Council has formed a variety of boards, commissions, and committees to assist the City in the information gathering and deliberative process. Boards and Commissions are vital to the operation of the City and ensure public involvement in the governmental process. Several boards are also delegated with decision-making authority. The public is strongly encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings, or serve as a board member or commissioner. It is the duty of each board’s membership to provide feedback and direction to City Departments or the City Council on a variety of issues.

How do I get involved?

Members of the public are encouraged to attend public meetings of the City's Boards and Commissions and serve as members. For meeting information select the corresponding board or commission to the left.

How do I become a board or commission member?

When a position becomes available, a filing period is opened. During the open application period, interested persons submit an application form to the Office of the Clerk. After the close of the filing period, the applications are forwarded to the Personnel & Public Employees Committee or Council Member for review. Recommendations are made to the Mayor, who will make appointments, subject to the confirmation of the City Council. This process takes an average of three months after the close of the application period. The process may take longer if insufficient applications are received and the application period is extended.

How do I apply to be a board or commission member?

For more information on available positions, upcoming terms expirations, or for the application form, please visit Board & Commission Openings.