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Welcome to the City of Sacramento!

You are joining a team of talented and dedicated people who provide Sacramento residents and visitors with high quality service. The information on this page provides important resources and required handouts related to working for the City. Please bookmark this page to refer to in the future if needed.

Thank you for choosing the City of Sacramento!


To be best prepared for your orientation, please review or complete the following prior to your arrival:

  1. Review the handouts and forms listed on this page.
  2. Review the Citywide policies and procedures page.
  3. Review the Civil Service Board Rules.
  4. Complete the  Acknowledgement Packet (see below) and email to or bring the completed packet with you to your scheduled orientation
  5. Complete the employee portion of the Form I-9. You will receive instructions via email to complete this form.
  6. Bring to orientation your original identification documents chosen to complete your Form I-9. The City cannot finish processing your I-9 if you bring copies of your documents or if you do not bring your documents. You will not be able to continue working or stay for orientation without first completing the Form I-9 and presenting your original documents. 
  7. If you have a driver license, bring your driver license with you to the orientation 
  8. Bring your social security card with you to your orientation. This is needed to enroll you in City benefits, if eligible. 
  9. If you qualify for City health benefits and plan to enroll any dependents on your City health plan(s), you will need to bring copies of dependent verification documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificate, or copy of legal guardianship for each dependent you are enrolling on City benefits. You will also need to know the social security number and birth dates of all dependents for enrolling on City health benefits or choosing as your beneficiary.
  10. Plan to arrive on time for your scheduled orientation and stay for approximately 3 hours. You are encouraged to bring snacks if needed.  Allow plenty of time to find parking near City Hall if needed. Human Resources does not validate for parking - retain any receipt for paid parking to discuss reimbursement with your department.


Career Employee Acknowledgement Packet
Non-Career/Non-Benefit Eligible Acknowledgement Packet
YPCE (Non Benefit Eligible) Acknowledgement Packet

Handouts and Forms

eCaps Self Service Checklist and Guide 

Affordable Care Act Notice

Direct Deposit Form

Payroll and Payday Calendar

Designation of Person Authorized to Receive Warrants


Healthy Workplaces Healthy Family Act of 2014 - Paid Sick Leave

California's Programs for the Unemployed

California Paid Family Leave

California Disability Insurance Provisions

Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave

Leave of Absences and Other Leave Laws

Disaster Service Worker Requirements for City Employees

Ben-IQ - mobile application for City benefits

Nepotism Disclosure

Workers' Compensation Predesignation of Personal Physician

Department of Fair Employment and Housing Sexual Harassment Flyer

Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

City of Sacramento Volunteer Program

Employee Benefits

Benefit eligible new hires are encouraged to review the information on employee benefits prior to arriving for orientation. Benefit eligible employees have 30 days from the date of hire to enroll in health benefits and complete all required paperwork. After 30 days you must experience a qualifying life event to enroll or change your benefits outside of the City's annual open enrollment period held in October.