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Benefit Services is not open for walk-in service. Service is available via email, telephone, or by appointment. Email Benefit Services to schedule an appointment if in-person service is needed.

Inquiries about benefits should be emailed to and you should receive a response within two (2) business days. 

2022 Open Enrollment closed October 29, 2021. Retirees must experience a Qualifying Life Event to change enrollment in a City health plan outside the annual Open Enrollment period.

Retirees must live within the plan's service area to be enrolled on a City health plan. The live/work rule does not apply for retirees. 


2022 Information

Other Resources


Health Plan Summary Information and Coverage Overview


2022 Plan Summaries

$25 Copay Summary (California)
$40 Copay Summary (California)
$20 Kaiser California Senior Advantage
Kaiser Colorado HMO
Kaiser Colorado Senior Advantage
Kaiser Oregon HMO
Kaiser Oregon Senior Advantage 
Kaiser Hawaii HMO
Kaiser Hawaii Senior Advantage


$15 UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage PPO (2022)
UnitedHealthcare Virtual Education Center (2022)
UnitedHealthcare Renew Active (replaces SilverSneakers in 2022)
HouseCalls Program


2022 Plan Summaries

SHP General Information Guide
$25 Copay Summary
$40 Copay Summary
Chiropractic and Acupuncture for $25 and $40 Copay Plans
Infertility Rider for $25 and $40 Copay Plans
SHP is changing its Pharmacy Benefit Manager on 1/1/2022 to CVS Caremark

SHP Additional Information
Service Area Map


2022 Plan Summaries

$25 Copay Plan Summary
$40 Copay Plan Summary

WHA Additional Information

Prescription Copayment Summary
Active and Fit Direct Program
Chiropractic and Acupuncture for $25 & $40 HMO Plans 
Infertility for $25 & $40 HMO Plans
Service Area Map

DeltaCare USA
Delta Dental PPO

Base Plan and Premium Plan

Are you planning to retire soon?

  1. Review the When You're Ready to Retire guide for an overview of the necessary steps to retire.
  2. Review the Deferred Compensation Plans - Separation from City Service Information for information regarding funds in your City of Sacramento 401(a) and 457(b) plans.  
  3. Review your labor agreement to understand your eligibility for retiree health benefits. 
  4. Schedule an appointment with your Benefit Services team member to complete City paperwork for your retirement.

The City of Sacramento provides retirement pension benefits through the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS). Labor agreements are available  on the Labor Relations page. Retirees should refer to the Labor Agreement for the rep unit they retired from for the most current information on eligibility of retiree health benefits. For CalPERS pension estimates, please contact CalPERS directly. 


Retiree Change of Address 

If you have moved or have had a name change, please update your records with the City by filling out and submitting one of the following forms:

CalPERS Retiree Change of Address (CalPERS Retiree)

SCERS Retiree Change of Address (SCERS Retiree)

Beneficiary and Address Updates

To update your address or beneficiaries on file with the following you will need to contact each directly:

CalPERS: contact CalPERS directly at 1-888-225-7377 or by visiting their website to change your address on file with CalPERS.

Nationwide: contact directly by visiting if you would like to change your address or update your beneficiaries for your 401a or 457 plan.
The City's designated Nationwide Retirement Specialist is Rick Watson
Schedule an appointment with Rick Watson . In-person appointments with Rick are currently paused. (as of 3/17/2020)

MissionSquare Retirement: updates to your address or beneficiaries for your RHSA can be made by visiting MissionSquare Retirement.


additional Information

Medicare Basics

Cash in Lieu/Out of Area

ACH Information & Form for Cash in Lieu/Out of Area

Social Security Presentation

Medicare 101 Presentation by Kaiser


general contact information

For more information or questions regarding SCERS retiree checks, call (916) 808-5495.
For more information or questions regarding available retiree health benefits, call (916) 808-5665, or email