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Community Guided Work

As one of the nation’s most diverse cities, the City of Sacramento has made a commitment to creating equitable outcomes that serve our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. 

The City’s Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) supports racial equity work throughout Sacramento, facilitating critical conversations with City departments and the community to align and support shared goals. 

Together, we are working toward eradicating historical barriers, transforming racial inequities, and eliminating systematic structures to build integrity, trust, and transparency within our diverse communities.  

Current Community Projects

  • Sacramento Centered on Race and Equity (SCORE) Initiative : The SCORE Initiative is the City's explicit decision to address racial equity within the City of Sacramento and is in the early stages of priorities development. We will work to interrupt patterns and processes rooted in dominant cultural patterns that serve to perpetuate institutional racism and racial hierarchy. The SCORE Initiative will be supported by the City’s Racial Equity Committee and community-based Racial Equity Council and Alliance. The Racial Equity Alliance, an interconnected network of advocates, activists and organizations, completed its Racial Equity Council recruitment and selection process in Fall 2022. They are continuing their organizational development. 

  • Food Justice Task Force:  This effort was led by Mayor Pro Tem Vang’s office in partnership with the Mayor and Office of Innovation and Economic Development to ensure that the City's most vulnerable communities recover in an equitable manner from the COVID Pandemic and that our City has sufficient, healthy, and accessible food for all. This process utilized the Interim Rapid Response Tool (IRRT), a racial equity tool, to ensure funds were distributed equitably. In January 2023, the City awarded 17 organizations with grants to support food justice work.  
  • Citywide Racial Equity Study - A request for proposals is currently in development. The study will focus on gathering information about equity indicators, which our local government can use to make decisions about local policies and the distribution of City resources in an equitable way.  

  • Community Ambassador Program through the Neighborhood Development Action Team (NDAT) - NDAT is a collaboration between City departments and partner agencies led by the Office of Innovation and Economic Development and the Planning Division. NDAT is committed to ensuring Sacramento’s neighborhoods and commercial districts reflect a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economy. 

  • Sacramento Financial Empowerment Center - Free financial coaching is available to all Sacramentans through this program. This is a joint program put together by the City and the national nonprofit organization Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund). 

  • AAE (African American Experience) - The Sacramento African American Experience History Project is one step in documenting and recognizing the contributions of the African American community to the City of Sacramento. More information can be found here

  • Interim Rapid Response Tool (IRRT) and American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding - With the support of the City Manager's Office, teams across the City are utilizing the IRRT to anticipate, assess, and prevent potential adverse consequences of ARP-funded projects on different racial groups.  


Interim Rapid Response Tool (IRRT) 

Glossary of Terminology

How to Get Involved  

Learn more about the ongoing work of the Council's Racial Equity Committee including upcoming meetings by signing up for email alerts here. 

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