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Workforce Equity 

The City of Sacramento is committed to becoming a more diverse and equitable organization in assessing, evaluating, and building infrastructure, operations, policy, and programs that establish systemic capacity and results in workforce equity. The City’s Race & Gender Equity Action Plan (RGEAP) calls for a coordinated and collective response to the following overarching goals for the City of Sacramento: 

  • Increasing employment, retention, and promotion of people of color and women. 
  • Improving communication -- internally and externally -- regarding outreach, recruitment, and hiring processes. 
  • Providing best-practices resources to managers who hire to increase equity. 
  • Creating new partnerships and collaborations both internal and external to move workforce equity forward.  


The 14 recommended outcomes and actions in the RGEAP are intended to inspire accountable action to advance workforce equity.  

Normalizing and operationalizing these outcomes and actions requires different levels of effort and timespans. Some recommended goals may be accomplished by relatively simple administrative changes. However, most outcomes will require all departments to identify capacity gaps, learn equity-centered practices, leverage resources, and engage in change management processes to achieve systemic change. 

Each City department has an Equity Team to address the department’s unique needs around workforce equity. The teams utilized a 43-point assessment to establish a baseline for their departments, which is being used to identify priorities connected to the 14 outcomes and actions and will be reported through annual benchmarking.  

Public reporting of progress to come.  

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Find the full Race & Gender Equity Action Plan as well as an overview of the RGEAP.


Diversity Dashboard

2019 City of Sacramento Human Resource Campaign Municipal Equality Index (MEI)
2019 Ethnicity & Gender Report and Presentation at City Council 04/09/2020
2020 Race Forward and City of Sacramento Office of Diversity & Equity Presentation at Law and Legislation Committee 09/15/2020
2020 City of Sacramento Workforce Diversity and Salary Trend Audit Report
2021 City of Sacramento Diversity Review of City Employment Applications, Hires, and Separations for period of July 2018 – January 2021
2021 City of Sacramento Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey Results
2022 City Auditor’s Diversity and Workplace Climate Survey Results


PRIORITY #1 - (Completed in May 2019) -- From December 2018 through May 2019, 12 staff leaders from the City of Sacramento completed the GARE’s Northern California learning cohort to build capacity and strategic planning that embeds racial equity in decision making and outcomes. From June through November 2019, the learning cohort continued to meet to draft a five-year equity action plan.  

PRIORITY #2 - (Completed in January 2020) - Race & Gender Equity Action Plan (2020-2025) serves a living road map to guide the work of all City departments and offices to organize and operationalize a racial equity lens to cultivate a City workforce that is more reflective of the community we serve.  

PRIORITY #3 - (Completed in January 2020) - Pilot an Equity & Inclusion Leadership Series  - Developed in direct collaboration with the City of Sacramento’s Human Resources Department Organizational Development Team, this training initiative offers a variety of learning and training opportunities through the calendar year for City staff that includes D&Iogues, 5 Approaches to Diversity & Inclusion, Performance Management, Gender Bias Training, Gender Sexuality Awareness Training, and 21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge.