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Labor Agreements

For frequently asked total compensation survey questions, please review our Labor Agreement Total Compensation Matrix

Memoranda of Understanding and Letters of Understanding

All documents on this page are PDF.

Sacramento City Exempt Employees Association (SCXEA) (Rep Units 01, 10, 14)

Exempt Management, Confidential/Administrative, Exempt Management Support

Memorandum of Understanding (2021-2023)
LOU - Procurement Manager Salary Range (6/23/2022)
LOU - Information Technology Equity Increases
LOU - ATO Cash Out for Fiscal Year 2021/22 (4/29/2022)
LOU - Retiree Health Contribution
LOU - Retroactive General Salary Increase Eligibility (3/11/2022)
LOU -  Archiving the New Growth Manager Classification Specification (9/13/2022)

Sacramento Police Officers Association (SPOA) (Rep Unit 02)

Memorandum of Understanding (2022-2023)
LOU - Police Department, Communications Center Dispatchers Alternative Work Schedule in the Communication Center, Continuation of Trial Program (11/30/2021)

Stationary Engineers, Local 39 (Rep Units 03, 16, 17, 04, 15)

Miscellaneous (Operations and Maintenance, Office and Technical, Professional), Plant Operators, General Supervisors

Memorandum of Understanding - Miscellaneous (Rep Units 03, 16, 17) (2021-2023)
LOU - Retirees or Survivor Dependents for Miscellaneous Unit Language Clarification (9/8/2022)
LOU - Recycling and Solid Waste Division Weekend Overtime List (8/24/2021)

Memorandum of Understanding - Plant Operators (Rep Unit 04) (2021-2023)
LOU - Retirees or Survivor Dependents for Plant Operator Unit Language Clarification (9/8/2022)

Memorandum of Understanding - General Supervisors (Rep Unit 15) (2021-2023)
LOU - Retirees or Survivor Dependents for General Supervisory Unit Language Clarification (9/8/2022)
LOU - CalPERS Pension Cost Share (8/2/2018)

Sacramento Area Firefighters, Local 522 (Rep Unit 05)

Memorandum of Understanding (2021-2023)
LOU - FLSA Calendar (1/13/2015)
LOU - Battalion chief and EMS 22 Captain Schedule and Hours (8/15/2022)
LOU - Implementation of a Single Role Program (10/20/2022)

Sacramento-Sierra's Building and Construction Trades Council (BT) (Rep Unit 06)

Memorandum of Understanding (2022-2023)

Plumbers and Pipefitters, Local 447 (Rep Unit 07)

Memorandum of Understanding (2022-2023)

Auto, Marine and Specialty Painters, Local 1176 (Rep Unit 08)

Memorandum of Understanding (2022-2023)
LOU - Traffic Worker I/II/III, Use of Commercial Driver's License (8/30/2022)

Western Council of Engineers (WCE) (Rep Unit 11)

Memorandum of Understanding (2022-2023)

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) (Rep Unit 12)

Memorandum of Understanding (2021-2023)

Unrepresented Employees (Unrep Units 09, 20, 21, 22)

Non-Career, Executive Management, Mayor/Council Support, Executive Management Support

Unrepresented Resolution

mayor/council-Elected (unrep Unit 23)

Resolution Covering Compensation for the Mayor and Councilmembers