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Telecommute Program

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A Distributed Workforce

The City of Sacramento Telecommute Program gives eligible employees the opportunity to work in a designated location away from the office. At the discretion of the City, telecommuting is a voluntary work assignment which must have the mutual agreement of both the City and the employee. For a telecommuting assignment to be successful, it must continue to meet the needs of the City and the employee.

Information For Employees

If you are an employee interested in telecommuting you should:

Step 1: Review the telecommute criteria with your supervisor to determine if you are eligible and to make a plan for working remotely.

Step 2: Fill out the Telecommute Request Form.

Step 3: Sign the policy document and detail justification form, which you will receive via email.

Step 4: Await completion of the approval process.

Step 5: Set up your remote office and begin telecommuting!

Information for Supervisors

If you are a supervisor with telecommuting employees you should:

Step 1: Ensure your department head has established telecommuting guidelines who in your department may participate and approval process.

Step 2: Talk with your interested employees about eligibility.

Step 3: Be sure you've read and understand the Telecommuting Policy and Agreement.

Step 4: Digitally sign to approve your employee's telecommute application and agreement.

Step 5: Wait for final department head approval of your employee's telecommute application and agreement.

Need Help?

If you need help with any part of this process, IT is available to assist you. Please see the help page for contact information.

Suggestions for managing remote work teams


  • Make sure you have a signed agreement for each employee.
  • Be familiar with and direct employees to the Telecommute Program Website. Most questions can be answered on the site.
  • Remind your employees that during work hours they are not to engage in activities that would ordinarily not be permitted at work.
  • Make sure all team members are online and available with Microsoft Teams throughout their shift.
  • Have your employees install Jabber so they can make and receive calls using their City phone number.
  • Hold a daily stand-up meeting at the same time every day with the entire team. This should include team members on and off site. Please use a remote meeting tool to go over the work to be performed that day and work that was completed the prior day.
  • Invite managers to the stand-up meetings for observation.


  • Attend the stand-up meeting to monitor operations and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Report back and document process improvements that can be included in communication for other teams.