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conducting Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings is a full video and content-sharing tool that allows City staff to connect via a smartphone, the web, or other video-enabled devices. All City-issued computers have Webex Meetings installed.

Webex Meetings Logo


Download and Install Webex For Personal Devices

All City-owned computers have Webex preinstalled. However, you must download and install the software on your personal computers for remote use:

  1. Go to the Webex download page:
  2. Under Webex Meetings, select the appropriate download for your device (Windows, iOS, or Google) and click the button to begin the download.
  3. Once you’ve installed Webex, click the application icon to login.
  4. The first time you login, you will see the City of Sacramento login
  5. Enter your City email address and Windows password and click LOGIN.
  6. As another layer of security, the next screen asks you to enter a One-Time Passcode (OTP)
  7. Enter the OTP and click LOGIN.
  8. The Webex application will open.

Watch the “Login to Webex” Video

Set Webex App to Show Outlook Meetings
To setup Webex to show your upcoming Outlook meetings, do the following:

  1. Click the gear in the top right corner and select PREFERENCES.
  2. Under Preferences, select CALENDAR and make sure MICROSOFT OUTLOOK is selected and click APPLY.

Set the Webex App to Start with Windows
To setup Webex to start when Windows starts, do the following:

  1. Click the gear in the top right corner and select PREFERENCES.
  2. Under Preferences, select GENERAL and make sure “Start Cisco Webex Meetings desktop app when Windows stars” is selected and click APPLY.

Set Webex App to Send Meeting Notifications
To setup Webex to show reminders of your upcoming Outlook meetings, do the following:

  1. Click the gear in the top right corner and select PREFERENCES.
  2. Under Preferences, select NOTIFICATIONS.
  3. Adjust these settings to your preference and click APPLY.

Join a Webex Meeting

From the Webex App

If you’ve setup Webex to show Outlook meetings and you’ve turned on Webex notifications (explained above), the app will display a popup meeting reminder with a JOIN button. Simply click that button to join the meeting.

If Webex notifications are turned off, Open the Webex app and search for the upcoming meeting in the list. Click the JOIN button.

From Outlook

To join an upcoming Webex meeting from Outlook, please complete the following:

  1. From Outlook, go to your calendar and open the meeting invitation.
  2. In the meeting details section, click the green JOIN MEETING button. (You may also see a link rather than a JOIN button)
  3. A Webex floating window will open (Figure 1). (Please make sure your popup blocker is disabled to see the window).
  4. Click “Call me at….” to see other options for joining the meeting (Figure 2).
  5. If you have a headset (with a microphone) connected to your computer, click “Use Computer for audio”. If you do not hear sound,make sure:
    • The headset is plugged in.
    • To turn up the volume.
    • To test the headset in another USB port.
    • That the correct device is selected in the list.
    • If others do not hear you (well), make sure:
    • The correct device is selected in the list.
    • The microphone is not muted (there might be a button on the device itself).
  6. Otherwise, click “Call me at …” to change the number to your remote phone number
  7. Once you’ve set your call-in options, click START MEETING and the system will connect you. You may need to press “1” to join the call.

Watch the “Join a Webex Meeting” Video

Host a Webex Meeting

There are two components to hosting a Webex meeting, creating the meeting and starting the meeting. For more tips, see Tips for Hosting a Meeting.

Create the Meeting

The quickest way to create a meeting is to create it using your Personal Room.

  1. In Outlook, open your calendar and click the “New Meeting” button
  2. Enter the meeting details, then click “Add Personal Room” to add Webex call-in information
  3. Send the meeting to those invited. Once it’s time to begin your meeting, proceed to Start the Meeting.

Watch the “Create the Meeting” Video

Start the Meeting

  1. At least 5 minutes prior to your meeting, go to Outlook and open your calendar.
  2. Select your upcoming meeting and click JOIN MEETING. (Note: If you created a Webex Meeting instead of using your Personal Room, you will need to enter your Host Pin to start the meeting)
  3. Wait for others to join you.

Watch the “Start the Meeting” Video

Tips for hosting a meeting

  • If you schedule a meeting or are an assigned host, you have access to moderate and manage the meeting.
  • Record meetings to share with people that couldn’t attend.
  • Mute other participants when there is unwanted noise
  • Assign an alternate host when you can’t attend a meeting you scheduled
  • Never paste the details from a meeting invitation to another date/time
  • The meeting details are unique for every meeting you schedule, except if you are using your Personal Room.

Other useful tips

Share  Your Meeting Window

Share your Webex Meeting window with new users to teach them the in-meeting options that are available in Webex Meetings. Or if someone in the meeting is struggling, you can show them where to go and what to select.

  1. Click the Share menu
  2. Select My Meeting Window. 

You can also use this same process to share your browser window with meeting participants.

Watch the "Share Your Window" Video

Help new Webex users
If you are inviting clients or other external parties to your Webex meeting, don’t assume that they’ve used Webex before. Help them avoid any bumps in the road by sending them to the Quick Start Guide.

Get there early
Start your meeting a few minutes early, especially if you have invited clients or other external parties. This will give you time to join and prepare for your meeting.

Help using headsets
If people experience difficulties when using their headsets, use the Chat panel to help them get connected. It could be that their microphone and headset have not been configured correctly, so start here.

Turn Your Video On
Video makes for a much more immersive meeting experience and aids communication. If you, as the host, turn your video on, it will encourage others to do the same.

Mute Your Audiences
To avoid noise disturbances at any time, you can choose to mute everybody at once.

Record the meeting
Make sure no one misses the important details. Record the audio and the presentation.

Keep Attendees Engaged
Keep your session engaging by asking questions, giving the floor to others and encourage everyone to turn their video on. Share your application to show the meeting agenda, presentation, actions, etc, and refer to it regularly to drive discussion and boost participation. If you have uploaded your presentation, the screen annotation tools are very useful to keep everyone on the same page.