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Printer Consolidation

Delivered FY 2013/14

Technology is a powerful tool for transforming government. Every technology implementation offers an opportunity to question old methods and approaches. Working together, we will innovate and use technology to facilitate positive change.

Project Overview: As part of an extensive citywide effort to reduce operating costs, standardize printer/copier equipment, and create efficiencies, the City has implemented a new printer consolidation initiative. This program focuses on reducing the number of inefficient printer hardware equipment and replacing them with efficient multi-functional devices (copier, printer, scan, and fax functionality) that are less expensive to operate and have the capacity to support up to 30:1 printer to people ratios. The initiative also helps educate the workforce on print-related expenditures and provides consolidated resources to help replace outdated printer fleet with new optimized printer/copier equipment.

Below is a chart that details how the City currently compares to an optimized print to people environment.

Printer Optimization Chart

Phase 1 of the printer consolidation efforts are complete and include the CMO, Clerk’s office, IT, and parts of Public Safety including South Station, Central Command, Communications Center, and the Fire Academy/Training Center. Future phases will include the rest of the City with an estimated project completion date of December 2015.