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Ride On! The City of Sacramento Online Bicycle Registry

Goal 1 Accessible

Delivered FY 2013/14

Expanding access to city services to anyone, at any time, from anywhere (responsive, accessible, and mobile) is a primary mission of the City’s Digital Strategy which focuses on delivering simple and clear ways to get city services. Key strategies for improved access are listed here:

  • Provide more services from multiple IT channels
  • Expand Education Offerings To Staff and the Public
  • Ensure technology Investments are leveraged
  • Open up our IT resources to the public

Project Overview: With the number of stolen bicycles increasing, the means to identify and return bicycles to their owners was limited. In the spring of 2013, Public Safety IT in conjunction with Councilmember Steve Hansen began the development of the Bicycle Registration Portal. In November of 2013, Ride On, the City of Sacramento's Bicycle Registration Portal, was released to the public. By registering a bicycle, citizens benefit as follows.

  • Bicycle Identification – If a bicycle is stolen and is registered with the City of Sacramento, Sacramento Police can easily research registration records for the recovered bicycle by identifiers such as name, serial number, and registration number.
  • Owner Recovery – A registered bike greatly increases the likelihood it will be returned to its owner.
  • Rider Identification - Bicycle registration aids in identifying the bicycle owner in case of an accident. Many bicyclists don't carry identification. This is especially true for children.

Since its release, over 900 users have signed up with City Bicycle Registry.