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public Wi-Fi expansion

Goal 1 Accessible

Delivered FY 2013/14

Expanding access to city services to anyone, at any time, from anywhere (responsive, accessible, and mobile) is a primary mission of the City’s Digital Strategy which focuses on delivering simple and clear ways to get city services. Key strategies for improved access are listed here:

  • Provide more services from multiple IT channels
  • Expand Education Offerings To Staff and the Public
  • Ensure technology Investments are leveraged
  • Open up our IT resources to the public

Project Overview: In alignment with the City’s Digital strategy this initiative provides Free Public Access Wi-Fi Services at a number of our Community Centers for City of Sacramento residents. It leverages existing IT investments and provides expanded access for the community. The following sites will be completed in June 2014.

  • Hagginwood Community Center, Council District 2
  • Coloma Community Center, Council District 6
  • Hart Senior Center, Council District 4
  • Oak Park Community Center, Council District 5
  • Belle Coolidge Community Center, Council District 5
  • Sam Pannell Community Center, Council District 8
  • South Natomas Community Center, Council District 3
  • George Sim Community Center, Council District 6

These sites currently have limited or no Wi-Fi access. The implementation of City Wi-Fi at the above sites will reduce costs, improve security for credit card processing, improve speed, reliability, and provide faster support response times.

The following existing sites have Free Public Access Wi-Fi Services provided by IT to City of Sacramento Public Counters:

  • Department Of Utilities, 1395 35th Ave
  • City Hall Revenue Counter, 915 I Street
  • 300 Richards Blvd Community Development Department Public Counter
  • 4th R Public Counter, 5735 47th Ave, Serna Center
  • Sacramento Marina, 2710 Ramp Way
  • Sacramento Theatre
  • City Hall Expanded Coverage