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Sacramento Internet Survey

The City of Sacramento is conducting a study of internet availability as part of a City-wide Broadband Strategic Plan. The City is seeking to gather first-hand information through the survey to ensure every household and business has access to high-speed and affordable internet service.


Take the Survey


The City has contracted with the national consulting and engineering firm Magellan to explore improvements to fiber broadband coverage for the community. Magellan is designing an expanded broadband network to meet the city’s growing needs and support broadband service to business and residential communities. The strategic plan is focused on expansion of broadband access and adoption within the community to bridge the digital divide. The Strategic Plan will also assess cellular coverage in the City, as well as develop a resource for community members to test their internet speeds, identify options for internet service providers, and access information on a menu of data services.

The online survey is only the first step in the process of building the strategic plan; there are community workshops and focus groups planned in the coming weeks, in which Magellan will be meeting with local residents, businesses, stakeholders, and community groups to understand the how to chart a path forward that achieves high-speed, affordable broadband service across the City.

Information from the survey will only be used for broadband planning purposes and will not be shared with any other entity. No personal information is required to complete the survey. Printed surveys can be requested by contacting

The Strategic Plan is scheduled to be completed in August, and updated information will be shared by the City as it becomes available.