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Community Announcements

Regarding Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Over the past few months, my office has received an unprecedented number of calls inquiring about opportunities to cultivate marijuana in my council district. First, let me be clear and express my support for medical marijuana and its recreational use by responsible adults, should voters legalize it in the coming weeks. But my support for marijuana and its emerging industry must be met with caution and a sense of responsibility to our residents. We must continue to have an open dialog that addresses legitimate concerns and we must come up with reasonable solutions. On November 15th, the City Council is scheduled to vote on a proposed ordinance to legalize marijuana cultivation. Given the sensitive nature of this proposed ordinance, and the known and unknown impacts it may have, I feel it’s necessary to lay out some of my positions publicly. As such, I propose the following:

  • Background screening for all applicants.
  • A nexus driven application fee.
  • Annual licensing fee of $50,000 per operation. These funds will be used in the council district where it is generated.
  • Minimum Sales Tax of 1% to 3 % maximum of gross revenue, which will go to the general fund.
  • Community Benefits Agreement included (as allowed per Title 17, City Planning and Development Code).
  • Minimum setback requirements from schools, public parks, residences, and places of worship
  • Allowed areas will only be in Light Industrial Zone (M1) and Heavy Industrial Zone (M2).
  • Prohibit cultivation in General Commercial Zone (C2).
  • $10,000 fine for illegal operators. After a second occurrence, the operator will lose the right to apply for an operation license for a period of 24 months.
  • $5,000 fine for property owners who sign leases with unpermitted operators.
  • $1,000 reward for reporting illegal/unlicensed operators.
  • Cap of 200 licenses for the first 18 months after the proposed ordinance is approved.
  • Revisit the proposed ordinance within 18 month to review what is and what is not working.
  • The removal of delivery services component from the current proposed ordinance. There should be a separate analysis and discussion set for a later date.

I believe that by adopting these initial principals, it gives us an opportunity to take a more measured approach in understanding this new industry. Marijuana cultivation already exist in our city. Our challenge should be to find harmony as best we can amongst all our residents and operators. My objective is to embrace these new opportunities but also to take the time necessary to ensure that we are creating the best environment for long-term success.

Should you have any questions or concern, please contact Daniel Savala, District 2 Council Representative by emailing or calling (916) 808-7002. 

District 2 Updates

Temporary Winter Homeless Triage Shelters
The Mayor and Council are working diligently to find creative solutions to the homeless challenges that are facing our city. Our objective is to find suitable locations to house our homeless community members while also mitigating any potential negative impacts that occur in and around the locations of the proposed homeless facilities. As the council person elected to represent District 2, I believe the City of Sacramento's current homeless issue is potentially one of the most important issues facing us in recent history. As such, I have prioritized finding solutions and have been clear that District 2 would do its part in this respect. The proposed location for the winter shelter project is in the warehouse district on Railroad Avenue. The Mayor and Council has agreed to allocation additional funding to mitigate the impacts of this winter shelter. Find more information on the winter shelter here

Regarding Golden 1 Arena Ticket Policy Distribution: On September 6th, the City Council approved a revised ticketing policy, regarding the distribution, use, and reporting of tickets. This policy specifically identifies the uses and means of distribution of tickets for the City’s Suite in the Golden 1 Center. The policy included the addition of a Ticket Policy and Event Services Manager in the City Clerk’s Office. The new Ticket and Event Services Manager coordinates the City’s event ticket distribution program including the distribution of the City’s suite tickets at the Golden 1 Center. Per the policy the Golden 1 Center Suite tickets will be distributed to Community Groups, for Economic Development purposes, and has an allotment of tickets for the Mayor, each Councilmember, Charter Officers, and other City Officials. Councilmember Warren and the staff of Council District have pledged not to accept any tickets to the City’s Suite at the Golden 1 Center for personal use. CM Warren annual allocation of tickets will be presented to community groups, in accordance with the City’s ticket policy, to community groups in Council District 2, as permitted by the policy. For more information, please contact Shoun Thao, District 2 Council Representative at (916) 808–7233.

Public Comment Period and Open House for EPA Grants

The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) has prepared three draft Brownfield Cleanup Grant Proposals and associated Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) for the 3600 Rio Linda Boulevard block in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood of Sacramento, CA.  The draft grant proposals and ABCAs are available for review online at  You may also request a copy by email, comment or ask questions by contacting Brad Satterwhite at  If you wish to make comments on the draft proposals you may do so by submitting written comments no later than December 19, 2016 to Brad Satterwhite, SHRA, 801 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Additionally, the City of Sacramento intends to apply for an EPA Community-wide Assessment Grant.  The focus area for the funds is the area bound by Northgate Boulevard on the west, the American River on the south and city limits on the north and east.  If awarded, the grant funds will be used to conduct community outreach related to brownfields sites, perform Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and conduct reuse planning activities.  Questions regarding the Community-wide Assessment Grant Application should be directed to Denise Malvetti at

SHRA and the City of Sacramento will be holding an Open House to present and gather community input on the grant proposals.  The Open House will be held on Monday, December 19th from 4:00 – 6:00 PM at the Robertson Community Center located at 3525 Norwood Avenue.

District 2 Hot Spots will be opening soon. Dates for the summer through fall are: June 24,  July 8, 22 August 12, 26
September 9, 23, October 14, 28 and  November 18 at Norwood Junior High School at 4601 Norwood Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838. 

Current On-going Volunteer Opportunities. Find them here.

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Allen has devoted countless hours to his community serving on the boards of the Sacramento Zoo, KVIE Public Television, the Greater Sacramento Urban League, National Minority Junior Golf and Sacramento State University Presidential Advisory Board. Currently, Allen serves as Chair of the Entertainment and Sports Center (ESC) Committee, Chair of the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), Chair of the City of Sacramento Audit Committee, as well as serving on numerous other boards and commissions.

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