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Sacramento County Budget Request


Dear Sacramento County Board of Supervisors:
We write as constituents to urge you to prioritize health and human services in your 2022-2023 budget. We live, work, and play throughout the County, and see the urgent need for help among our neighbors every day. We have no one to call for urgent mental health crises, no place for people to go who need residential care, no space in shelters for people experiencing homelessness. This crisis affects us all, and the level of need requires us to act as urgently as possible.
The County of Sacramento receives funding for health and human services, and we’d like to see that funding prioritized to scaling up services and real-time crisis response to address the imminent need. This will require additional beds for residential mental health and substance abuse services, additional shelter beds and long-term, low income public housing for people experiencing homelessness. 

Additionally, immediate funding is necessary to assist with re-entry services so people exiting our jails have the housing and services they need to prevent recidivism. And while we know the County has been developing a real-time response team for mental health crises, we need that program to be funded adequately to ensure it is available county-wide.
While we appreciate all you are doing to address the needs in our community, we need these services and programs up and running as quickly as possible to address the immediate need. We stand ready to support you in advocating for state and federal funding, and any other measures necessary to ensure Sacramento County has the level of services necessary to meet this unprecedented need.


   Councilmember Katie Valenzuela


Supported and Co-signed by:





Crystal Sanchez, Arden Arcade

Liz Blum, Alhambra Triangle

Sloane Read, Midtown and Tallac Village

Chris Brocchini, East Sacramento

Therea Brocchini, East Sacramento

Danny Turner, Midtown

Emily Baime Michaels

Whitney Delgado, Mansion Flats

Maria Reyes, Midtown

Bethany Harman, Newton Booth

Josh Bartholomew, Colonial Heights

Zach Freels, North Highlands

Nancy Cornelius

Patti Michel-Evleth, Oak Park

Henry Ortiz, South Sacramento

Robert Sullivan, East Sacramento

Martha Turner, New Era Park

Autumn Gonzalez

Athol Wong, Capitol Mansions

Deborah Franklin, Midtown

Tracy Fairchild, New Era Park

PJ Andrews, Midtown

Kendra Ramsey Matouka, Mansion Flats

Jack Reichel, East Sacramento

Alexandria Flores, Downtown

Alberto Mercado, Oak Park

David Aslanian, East Sacramento

Virginia Diaz, Colonial Heights

Jay Franco

Thomas Gonzales, Mansion Flats

Evelyn Kwong, Tallac Village

Emily Edmond, Midtown

Daniel Reynolds Sr

Ronnie Slimp, Woodlake

Julie Spezia, Midtown

Robert Coplin, Midtown

Monica Madrid, Elk Grove

Kristan Culbert, Pocket/Greenhaven

Julie Hintz, Fair Oaks

Alaina Boys, Poverty Ridge

Cory Copeland, Downtown

Dina-Marie McGowan, Land Park

Spencer Richins, Land Park

Dr. Corrine McIntosh Sako, Pocket

Jennifer Lantz, River Park

Shirley Toy, Midtown

Patricia Gainer, River District

Del Surette, Citrus Heights

Courtney Poole, Oak Park

Melissa Rice, Del Paso Heights

Serena Kouklis, River Park

Celeste Taylor, Poverty Ridge

Alissa Sambucetti, Poverty Ridge

Sarah Reiwitch, Hollywood Park

Martha Paterson-Cohen, East Sacramento

Mohammad Kashmiri, Southside

Leia Schenk

Keyan Bliss, Richmond Grove

Adam Jordan Wills

Stacey Greer, Oak Park

Stevie Cook, Elmhurst

Jessica Mill, Midtown

Lisa Sullivan, Tahoe Park

William Burg, Alhambra Triangle

Stephanie Gerstle, Midtown

Christian Kurpiewski, East Sacramento

Andee Sunderland, Del Paso Heights

Dyane Osorio, Midtown

Joshua Lurie-Terrell, Marshall School

Nancy Pryor, Downtown

Selenne Martinez, Marshall School

Eli Cizewski-Robinson, East Sacramento

Marissa Eng, North Natomas

Mark Gorman, Somerset Ranch

Phillip Kim, South Land Park

Virginia Lambing, Midtown

Stacy Paragary, Midtown

Seann Rooney

James Harrold, Arden

James Relles, East Sacramento

Christopher Phillips

John Adair, Midtown

Alissa Anderson, East Sacramento

Bret Gladfelty, Mansion Flats

Sara Lebastchi, Midtown

Brook Eaton, Downtown

James Patrick Cornett, Sutter District

Allison DePaoli, Mansion Flats

Kimio Bazett, Downtown

Joseph Carle, New Era Park

Jennifer Larr, South Natomas

Sigmund Lindley, East Sacramento

Alan Hernandez

Mary Taylor, Fair Oaks

Barbara J Pryor, Orangevale

Craig Castleton

Ben Cox, Midtown

Keira Reeder, Land Park

Megan Sapigao, Elk Grove

Mia Dawson, Land Park

Emilie Dempsey, Curtis Park

Josh Greetan, Downtown

Mike Dobson, Midtown

Megan Cannon, Oak Park

Jamie Jun, Arden-Arcade

Dianne Khlok, Antelope

Devan Miller, South Natomas

Dillon Fleming, East Sacramento

Dave Kempa, Downtown

Joel Quiggin, Midtown

Nicole Silkman, Tahoe Park

Shea Hazarian, Midtown

Lynda Benvenuti Taylor, Arden Oaks

Farzad Qmehr, Carmichael

Faedeh Kioumehr, Downtown

Touran Kioumehr, Carmichael

Elizabeth Guerrero, Sutter Business District

Ilonka Zlatar, North Sacramento

Avery Lay, Newton Booth

Marisa Kolokotronis, Midtown

Jennifer Pharr, Midtown

John Adair, Midtown

Nancy Yamada, Boulevard Park

Dianne Khlok, Antelope