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The Central City Specific Plan is coming! 


In 2015 the Downtown Housing Initiative was launched to bring 10,000 new housing units in the next 10 years to Downtown Sacramento. The Central City Specific Plan takes that initiative further by looking at growth opportunities for the next twenty years and beyond.

Through plan development, the City will highlight and evaluate opportunity sites ready for development. The City will be working with development experts, community based interest groups, and the community at large to achieve the best plan possible through engagement tools including stakeholder meetings, community workshops, and online engagement. The development of the Specific Plan will get kicked off in late summer of 2016 and finish in 2018.

 A few weeks ago, Central City residents received a notice about a potential rezoning of their property, as well as other information about the plan. Our staff is happy to answer questions, share information, and discuss how this plan may or may not impact your home and neighborhood. They have produced this set of Frequently Asked Questions to share more information about the plan, which is available in its entirety here.