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Community outreach timeline


While many District 4 residents are supportive of the plan to create a temporary tiny home community along the WX corridor between 18th & 24th, there are others who have concerns about the impact this community will have on the neighborhoods that surround it. We have been, and will continue to work with those residents, the Department of Community Response, and our contracted service providers to ensure that implementation of these tiny homes is a net positive for everyone in the community.

Unfortunately, we’ve also been hearing a lot of misinformation about the community outreach our office undertook during the process leading up to the identification of these sites. There are claims that we did not attempt to reach out to communities in good faith. In the interest of full transparency and to answer questions that have been raised, we would like to provide some context to set the factual record straight.

Here is a timeline of our office’s outreach efforts, beginning in December of 2020:


• December 2020: We convened the D4 Homelessness Task Force, including representatives for all business districts, neighborhood associations and many service providers in the area, as well as some folks experiencing homelessness. The invitation to participate clearly outlined expectations for this group, chief among them helping with outreach.

• January 8, 2021: We released a community survey on site suggestions with input from the Task Force, which we asked the members to help us circulate. We also posted it on social media and sent it out to the District 4 email list. We shared the survey results with the Task Force at future meetings as we chased down ideas to finalize our draft plan. The WX sites were identified through input from survey respondents.

• March 31, 2021: We conducted a district-wide webinar on the draft plan and posted the full recording and copy of the draft plan on social media and sent via the District 4 email list. We also posted another community survey to ask for input on the draft plan as proposed, which we reviewed in full with the Task Force before finalizing our proposal for the citywide plan. We then asked Task Force members to help circulate the recording and survey, as well as the draft plan and presentation, for feedback with their communities.

• April 20, 2021: We presented the draft plan for District 4 at Council, which received wide press coverage since we were the first district to do so. The WX sites were clearly identified atthis time. Here is a copy of the presentation.

Our office has also attended several community meetings throughout this process at the request of Task Force members, and responded to thousands of emails and phone calls from constituents on this topic.

We are dedicated to addressing the concerns of every resident in District 4 and ensuring that the WX tiny home community is implemented in a way that works not only for our unhoused population who so badly need the services, but also uplifts and improves quality of life in the adjacent neighborhoods.

I look forward to continuing to communicate regularly with neighborhood groups and residents to make sure that the comprehensive siting plan is a success here in District 4 and the rest of Sacramento - doing nothing is not an option.