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The City of Sacramento is Recognized as an Immigrant-Friendly City Nationwide

September 17, 2018

September 17th is Citizenship Day across America, and here in the City of Sacramento, we have yet another significant reason to celebrate this year.

New American Economy, a bipartisan group that makes the economic case for smart immigration policies, just released its inaugural NAE Cities Index. NAE analyzed one hundred of the largest U.S. cities and assigned them a score based on several criteria on how well they are integrating newcomers. The determinate criteria includes qualitative and quantitative data such as measuring the strength of cities’ immigrant integration policies and a range of socioeconomic outcomes for each city’s immigrants, such as homeownership rates, entrepreneurship rates, and more.

After analyzing reams of city-level data they have recognized the City of Sacramento’s efforts of creating an attractive, inclusive and more prosperous city, thereby ranking it at No.18—outperforming 82 fellow cities nationwide. Immigrants in the City of Sacramento become integrated into our economic and social fabric quickly, and all of our residents share in the gains as a result.

The City of Sacramento ’s full scorecard is available online at

According to the index report, some of the City of Sacramento’s most notable highlights include a perfect score (5/5) for Economic Empowerment, Inclusivity, and Legal Support; although that comes to no surprise when 10.3% of immigrants are entrepreneurs; 47.4% are homeowners; and 1 in 5 have a BA or higher.

In DC, our federal lawmakers continue to debate the value of immigration, as if its broad-based benefits weren’t abundantly clear. Meanwhile, in cities like the City of Sacramento, immigration accelerates economic growth—and does so in a way that benefits all of our workers, consumers, and taxpayers, whether you’re a newcomer or a born and raised Sacramento City native.

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