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Boards & Commissions

Every member of the Sacramento City Council is appointed to represent their constituents and the City of Sacramento on a variety of local Boards, Commissions, Authorities, and Committees which provide vital services to residents of Sacramento, as well as other jurisdictions in the Greater Sacramento area.

Councilmember Vang serves on the following boards, commissions, authorities, and committees:


City of Sacramento Budget and Audit Committee (Regular Board Member)
City of Sacramento Water Committee (Vice-Chair)
City of Sacramento Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee (Co-Chair)

These City Council subcommittees allow Councilmember Vang to get deeply involved in water, budget, and oversight issues.




Freeport Regional Water Authority

The Freeport Regional Water Authority (FRWP) is a cooperative effort of the Sacramento County Water Agency (SCWA) and the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) of Oakland to supply surface water from the Sacramento River to customers in central Sacramento County and the East Bay area of California.



Regional Human Rights / Fair Housing Commission

The Regional Human Rights/Fair Housing Commission was established in 1975 to address fair housing and human rights in Sacramento County. The Commission consists of four members including two from the County Board of Supervisors and two from the Sacramento City Council.



Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (Alternate Board Member)

The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency provides funding, direction, and oversight to water and flood control infrastructure throughout the Greater Sacramento region. This includes levees on the American and Sacramento Rivers, the Folsom Dam and Reservoir, the Natomas Basin Project, and streams throughout South Sacramento.



Sacramento Area Sewer District

The Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) is a sewer utility that owns and operates thousands of miles of lower lateral and main line pipes (i.e., those sewer pipes under the streets) and is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of those pipes and related infrastructure (e.g., pump stations).



Sacramento Employment and Training Agency

The Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA), a joint powers agency of the City and County of Sacramento, was formed in 1978. SETA has been an effective force in connecting people to jobs, business owners to quality employees, education and nutrition to children, assistance to refugees, and hope to many Sacramento area residents.



Sacramento Groundwater Authority (Alternate Board Member)

The Sacramento Groundwater Authority (SGA) is a joint powers authority created to collectively manage the Sacramento region’s North Area Groundwater Basin, which includes all of Sacramento County north of the American River.




Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Sac Metro Air District is responsible for monitoring air pollution within the Basin and for developing and administering programs to reduce air pollution levels below the health-based standards established by the state and federal governments.



Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Commission

The Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission is the joint powers agency responsible for issues related to cable television/video State franchises in Sacramento County, California. The member agencies of the Commission include the County of Sacramento and the Cities of Sacramento, Galt, Folsom, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove.



Sacramento Public Library Authority

The purpose of the Sacramento Public Library Authority is to provide public library services that provide open access to diverse resources and ideas that inspire learning, promote reading, and enhance community life to all citizens in our member jurisdictions.



 Sacramento Regional Sanitation District

Regional San owns and operates the regional wastewater conveyance system and the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant located near Elk Grove. They protect public health and the environment by conveying, treating, and recovering resources from wastewater responsibly and cost-effectively.



Sacramento Transportation Authority

The Sacramento Transportation Authority (STA) is an independent local government agency primarily responsible for administering the Measure A program: the half-percent sales tax for transportation improvements in Sacramento County. They also administer the Abandoned Vehicles Abatement Program and Freeway Service Patrol.

City of Sacramento Budget and Audit Committee (Regular Board Member) and
City of Sacramento Water Committee (Vice-Chair)

These City Council subcommittees allow Councilmember Vang to get deeply involved in water, budget, and oversight issues.