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Investing in Our Youth

Making Youth Our Priority

While the Mayor must always focus on direct city services, a mayor must also do much more. I will be an education mayor and a leader who speaks loudly with and for our youth. Why? The city cannot fulfill its core missions if its schools are not preparing students for college or a career. The city can never spend enough on public safety if young people are idle and believe they have no opportunity.

It Begins with Preschool

Investing in our children and youth begins with ensuring they have access to quality preschool. Studies have shown numerous benefits from preschool, including most immediately, improved reading and math skills in elementary school and then down the line, attending preschool makes a child 40% more likely to graduate from high school. Even longer term, a child who attends preschool is likely to have fewer contacts with law enforcement and earn a higher income as an adult.

…and Continues with Afterschool Programs

Investing in our children does not stop with preschool. We must continue to support learning with afterschool programs. Since my time on the City Council, as a result of recessions and other priorities, our commitment to youth in Sacramento has significantly decreased. This must change. We need to spend more on youth and better address the unmet needs of youth, especially those at-risk.

Bring Back the Modern Definition of Vocational Education to Sacramento’s High Schools

A Mayor must work to ensure that 16- and 17-year-olds have real life work experience consistent with their interests and career goals. We need to transform the high school experience by integrating academic rigor and career relevance to connect students with Sacramento’s emerging high wage economy.

As Mayor, I will work with our schools and businesses to ensure our youth are getting the training to transition into the qualified workforce Sacramento employers need and Sacramento residents seek.

I started my public service fighting for our youth, and I will continue to do so as Mayor.