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About Thousand Strong


Sacramento’s employment leaders agree that a thriving pool of talent is central to economic growth. Early exposure to work experiences, such as internships or that first job, help youth gain the technical and soft skills to be career ready. In fact, internships are the new entry-level position.

Imagine how transformational it would be if students left high school prepared for post-secondary education and ready to join the workforce. What if students are given opportunities early on to gain the skills and competencies employers are looking for and put them on the path to success? Thousand Strong is an opportunity to leverage Sacramento's resources by pooling investments and connecting partners to maximize impact. 

Thousand Strong is a city-wide approach to workforce development that begins with our youth. Our youth will have place-based experiences that ensure that they leave the education system with the skills needed to successfully transition into the world of work. This initiative seeks to reward our youth with various incentives to show them we value the work they do while helping them prepare for the future.

Our Approach 

Employment Training

All Thousand Strong students will complete 40 hours of 21st century workplace skills training (i.e., a combination of soft skills and professional skills) to prepare them for the workplace

Real-world Experiences

Currently Thousand Strong provides three different types of place-based experiences to meet the needs of students and employers alike—Student Page

(1) Professional Internship: Students on this path will engage in a 300-hour placement that explores potential career opportunities

(2) Traditional Employment: Students on this path will be hired by a local area employer for 300+ hours

(3) Community Engagement Scholars: Students on this path will have an opportunity to work in a variety of settings by building capacity as volunteers for local non-profits

System of Support

All students will be supported by professionals ensuring that students have the tools and wrap-around supports they need to be successful on the job.
In four years, we want half of juniors and seniors to have access to year-round, paid opportunities. Join the movement! (Students) (Employers)