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In addition to investing in a network of diverse youth for future talent pipelines, participation in Thousand Strong offers:

  • Access to job profiles for hundreds of City of Sacramento youth trained on critical employability skills
  • Alternative payroll system to facilitate the ease of onboarding and serve as employer of record
  • Supervisor/front line worker training to enhance the internship experience for current and future internship programs
  • Support system of career coaching and mentor professionals providing technical assistance and dedicated points of contact ensuring both employer and student have an excellent experience

Hiring motivated youth and helping prepare them for their professional futures isn’t just a noble cause; it makes a direct impact on your own business and the economic health of our entire community. Everyone benefits.

To become part of Thousand Strong, please fill out the web form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


We’re looking for Sacramento-area businesses that can commit to hiring a student for a paid 9-12 month internship, to begin this summer and continue throughout the school year.

A list of our current Employer Partners and Workforce Champions can be found on their dedicated pages.

Engagement Options: Employers can engage with youth as either an internship provider or an employment provider.

Internship Host-Site

Employment Work-Site

Student Eligibility:

Age 16-18

Lives within City Limits

Ability to Obtain a Work Permit


Student Eligibility:

Age 16-24

Lives within City Limits

Ability to Obtain a Work Permit (if under 18)


Employer Requirements

Employer Requirements

  • Complete a host-site agreement
  • Provide a $4,000 donation[1]
  • Attend a two-hour internship supervisor training
  • Leverage LaunchPath portal to search, schedule interviews, and make offers to youth
  • Provide a 300-hour internship experience for participants
    • 20-25 hours a week during summer[2]
    • Up to 6 hours a week in spring/fall
  • Approve bi-monthly student timesheets
  • Complete an interim and final evaluation
  • Provide a short job description
  • Provide a link that allows youth to directly apply to jobs[3]
  • Serve as employer of record
  • Onboard students onto company payroll
  • Attend a two-hour internship supervisor training (optional)
  • Employment duration variable, but at least 300 hours





[1] These dollars go to providing wages ($11.00-$12.00/hr) through a third-party payroll system and other associated fees with program participation. As an internship host-site, the company will not be the employer of record.

[2]We encourage only 20-25 hours a week during the summer; but in the case of large amounts of work during the summer months, students can work up to 40 hours a week during the summer.

[3] Students will apply and be notified of interviews/employment through your normal hiring systems.