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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 15, 2016

Sacramento Leaders Announce Coalition to Bring Autonomous Vehicle Testing to City

Declare Sacramento a demonstration city for innovative technology

Sacramento, Calif - Today the City of Sacramento announced a new coalition with a mission of bringing autonomous vehicle testing to the city. The coalition is inviting all autonomous vehicle manufacturers and the industries that support them to use Sacramento as its open-source platform for level 5 autonomous vehicles.

“Two days ago, I stood at the California Railroad Museum and declared that we will make Sacramento an industry center for renewable energy, alternative fuels, and electric and autonomous vehicles,” said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “Today, Sacramento’s elected officials from every level of government are standing here to prove our commitment to making Sacramento a demonstration city for exciting new technologies like driverless vehicles.”

A level 5 platform would be the first of its kind in the nation and would do more than just bring autonomous vehicles, or those who support that industry, to Sacramento. The effort stands poised to transform Sacramento into the easiest California city in which to do business, when coupled with the City’s recently approved $10 million Innovation and Growth Fund.

“Sacramento is ready to be a testbed for innovation. Fully driverless cars may have seemed more like science fiction than reality just a few years ago, but today, Sacramento is ready to become a trailblazer in deploying and testing this transformative technology,” said Congresswoman Matsui. “The partnership we are announcing today lays the groundwork for Sacramento’s leadership in transportation solutions of the future. We have a unique opportunity to collaborate with the private sector to spur innovation and expand mobility for everyone.”

"I will work to make sure the state is a good partner by facilitating the implementations of new technologies that will launch Sacramento forward," said Dr. Richard Pan. “This is exactly what Sacramento 3.0 is about.”

As a city with a history built on transportation via the Pony Express, the transcontinental railroad and the region’s waterways, an open-source designation for autonomous vehicles would pay homage to the city’s legacy of innovation and pioneering spirit.

“Together, we’re committed to making Sacramento the autonomous vehicle capital. Collaborative partnerships like this will drive innovation and enhance the lives of many,” said Sacramento Kings Owner and Chairman Vivek Ranadivé.

For Sacramento to become the transportation leader it once was we need to bring together the top minds and experience in the field of autonomous vehicles. We want to invite these leaders to form a consortium to outline the goals, timeline, and build a project plan to support a directive of this magnitude including identification of key stakeholders, leaders, collaborators, supporters, and partners. Interested parties can learn more at: