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Sac Gives Back

Mayor Steinberg volunteers with other Sacramento City Council members and residents in Sac Gives Back.

I get asked almost every day, what can I do to help my city, how can I get involved. It’s a question rooted deeply in our common desire to make a difference and it’s rooted deeply in our city’s history. Participating in our community makes us a part of something positive and special because public service and community engagement are noble endeavors.

I propose we launch a center for civic engagement. Let’s call it “Sac Gives Back” and use it to connect Sacramentans with the endless ways to join, to work and to help uplift and serve our diverse communities. Over the next few months we will develop this proposal, please sign up to stay connected, engaged and to join us in these efforts. Sign up and receive newsletters or SMS updates.

Community was the centrifugal force that drove me to co-found the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association in the early 1990’s. And it was the catalyst that brought out hundreds of our neighbors – in every council district – the second weekend of December, the rainiest day of the year, to clean up parks, help the homeless, and volunteer their time to a cause bigger than themselves. This type of volunteer engagement to give back is not new, it is who we are as a community and it happens on a regular basis throughout Sacramento.

We are evolving from simply a capitol city to a city bursting with capital, screaming with energy, and hungry for more. But the challenge for us today is to ensure that all of Sacramento is sharing in that mosaic of forward momentum. Let us come together with a center for civic engagement to channel and focus our incredible sense of community, energy and momentum to rise to this challenge. Together we are All About Sacramento and together as a community, we will be connected, engaged and will always give back.