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Office of Public Safety Accountability

In 1999, the Mayor and Sacramento City Council established the Office of Police Accountability for the purpose of monitoring the investigation of community complaints. In July 2004, the City Manager, with City Council approval, increased the Office’s responsibilities to include the Sacramento Fire Department. The Office was renamed the Office of Public Safety Accountability (OPSA).

The Office of Public Safety Accountability has broad oversight authority to evaluate the overall quality of employee performance and the authority to encourage systemic change. The Office specifically tracks and monitors high profile or serious complaint cases to conclusion, reviews completed investigations, and advises the Chief of any deficient investigations. The Office of Public Safety Accountability is under the direction, control and supervision of the Mayor and City Council. 

Historic City Hall

The Office of Public Safety Accountability is located at:

915 I Street, Historic City Hall, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Main Line: (916) 808-7525



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