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Fees and Charges

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Fee Detail

Fee ID: 28 Category: Building Permit Fees Fee Name: Building Permit Fee Description (Short): This fee applies to any building permit for which field inspections are performed by the Building Division of the Community Development Department. This fee is also for the administrative and processing expenses of the Building Permit Program. Description (Long):

Valuation and flat fee based Building permit fees are the norm. Currently all of the projects which would qualify for hourly based building permit fees have been converted to a flat fee which is reflective of the hourly staff time needed on average to inspect a project of that kind.
The role of hourly based Building Permit Fee calculation is to insure that all aspects of administration of the building Inspection program are charged for. The flat fee permits have a threshold after which additional hourly building permit fees must be collected. These addition hourly charges are necessary when correction notices are not being followed, or work is not ready for inspection prior to calling for inspection. In these situations it may be necessary to charge additional building permit fees to the permit to cover city staff time. 

Refer to attached Table A for valuation based Building Permit fees & Table B.1 for Flat Fee Building Permit fees (this fee only recovers inspection costs payment of other fees will be required prior to permit issuance)

Contact Information: City of Sacramento Call Center 311 or Ordinance Information: Ordinance 2010-014 and Resolution 2013-0253, 2016-0143, 2019-0157
Fee Amount: 0 Fee Purpose: This fee pays for the Building Division staff time expended during required Building Division field inspections and for the administration of the building permit program. Fee Calculation Type: Table Calculation Note: This fee can be calculated in three possible ways. They are as follows; by project valuation (See Table A, Commercial and Residential), by billing hourly for staff hours expended during field inspection or as a flat fee (see Table B.1). Fee Type: Permit Attachment: 210001122282013-07-23Building_Permit_Fee_Table_and_Table_B.1_7-01-2016.pdf