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Fee Detail

Fee ID: 3798 Category: General Plan Fee Name: Housing Trust Fund Description (Short): The Housing Trust Fund Fee is imposed on nonresidential development projects as required by City Code. Description (Long):

The City collects this fee, then forwards the funds to Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA). The SHRA director oversees the use of Trust funds, which will provide loans, grants, or other subsidies to nonprofit and for-profit housing developers, governmental entities, and individuals to develop new or substantially rehabilitated affordable housing for low-income and very low-income households whose members are in the labor force, with priority given to very low-income households. The fund also provides reimbursement for the minimal costs to administer the fund.

Contact Information: or 311 (City of Sacramento Call Center) Ordinance Information: City Code 18.56, Ordinance 2017-0013, Resolution 2004-047
Fee Amount: See Calculation Note Fee Purpose: The purpose of this fee is to provide a mechanism by which new employers will contribute to the supply of additional affordable housing. Fee Calculation Type: Formula Calculation Note: Fee based on the square footage of the building on area and use. Refer to attachment. Fee Type: Permit Attachment: 21000123137982019-07-01Housing_Trust_Fund_Fee_Notice_FY20.pdf