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Fee Detail

Fee ID: 3800 Category: Building Permit Fees Fee Name: Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (SRCSD) Description (Short): The entire City of Sacramento is serviced by the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (SRCSD) for sewer treatment and disposal. Additionally, part of the City is serviced by the Sacramento Area Sewer District. Fees change annually in April. Description (Long):


  • This fee does not apply to second residential units; however, when there are more than two detached residential units on one parcel the single family rate, applies to all detached residential units expect the second one. 



Multi-Family Dwelling – Includes duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, apartments, mobile homes, condominiums, and townhouses.


Second Residential Unit – A second residential unit is simply a second dwelling unit on a parcel. The SRCSD definition has nothing to do with the City of Sacramento’s criteria defining “Second Residential Units”. There are no SRCSD fees for a second dwelling unit.


Third detached single family residence on a single parcel – Fees are due for the first and third residences at 1 ESD per unit.


New detached Garage – A new detached garage with a kitchen sink, countertop, and fridge and a bathroom but no sleeping room; there are no SRCSD fees due for improvements in a new detached garage.

Pool house – There are no fees due for a pool house.


Regional Sewer Fee Credit related rules –

  • Any fee paid on a parcel stays with the parcel. If a permit expires and is re-issued after a fee increase, then the incremental amount is due, regardless of the current property owner.
  • If the permit is on-going and is not finalled, then no increase is due.
  • If a house is demolished and replacement dwelling is proposed, and if the property was receiving a bill for SRCSD charges, then no sewer impact fees are due. SRCSD will allow credit back to 2001.
  • If a duplex is proposed where once stood a single family dwelling, then 1 ESD credit will be allowed, again depending on billing or permit history.



Residential: See attachment.


Regardless of sewer service area, all Regional sewer impact fees are assessed by and collected by the SRCSD Permit Services Unit (916-876-6100)

Time of Payment:
The Regional Sanitation District Fee must be paid prior to Building Permit issuance.


According to section 4.2.9 of the Sewer Impact Fee Ordinance “Sewer impact fees collected are nonrefundable except in the case of a District error or as prescribed in this Sewer Ordinance.”



Contact Information: Sacramento County Regional Sanitation, at 916-876-6100 Ordinance Information: Consolidated Ordinance Version 2.0 replaced Version 1.03
Fee Amount: see attached Fee Purpose: SRCSD fees are used to acquire land, interest in land and for construction, reconstruction, replacement, modification, and alteration (but not maintenance and repair) of existing / proposed sewer lines in the Regional Sanitation District. Fee Calculation Type: Formula Calculation Note: Commercial projects pay their fees directly to the county, and provide a receipt to the city as proof of payment. Residential projects pay their SRCSD fees through the city. They are collected prior to Building Permit issuance. Fee Type: Other Attachment: 21000112238002017-06-30Sacramento_Transportation_Authority_STA_Fee_eff._July_1_2019.pdf