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Fees and Charges

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Fee Detail

Fee ID: 4907 Category: Plan Check - Planning Fee Name: Planning Plan Review for Projects > $100,000 Valuation Description (Short): Planning review of building permit for projects with less than $100,000 in valuation. Description (Long): Contact Information: or 311 (City of Sacramento Call Center) Ordinance Information: Resolution 2020-0149
Fee Amount: See Calculation Note. Fee Purpose: To recover costs associated with the provision of site conditions plan review services for projects with less than $100,000 valuation. Fee Calculation Type: Formula Calculation Note: If an expedited plan review process is requested for the building process, then the 15% planning surcharge to the building plan check shall apply also to the expedited plan check service. Staff Hourly Rate means the current Planning Staff Hourly Rate. Actual Cost means the actual number of staff hours (calculated at the current staff hourly rate) incurred to review the project, plus any third party consultant or contract costs. For multiple requests of the same entitlements (e.g., two or more conditional use permits), only a single fee shall be charged for this class of entitlement; the fee shall be the highest of the applicable fees in the same class. $168.00 per hour + Full cost recovery for hours spent after three (3) cycles of review. Fee Type: Permit Attachment: