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Valley Hi Park Improvements - Site Furniture

Measure U Logo

Measure U

Voters overwhelmingly passed Measure U in November of 2012 as a temporary ½-cent sales tax proposed to restore and protect City services. The intent was to restore police and fire services, park maintenance and other essential services that were cut between 2008 and 2013. The City estimates about $41.5 million in revenue per year will result from Measure U’s passage.

The sales tax took effect April 1, 2013 and will expire on March 31, 2019. Youth, Parks, & Community Enrichment is receiving as estimated 4.73 Million a year to restore services.

Park Improvements:

Cabrillo Park 
(Improved Walkway)

Chorley Park
(Improved Walkway)

Freeport Park
(Replaced benches and tree trimming)

East Portal Park
(Replaced drinking fountains, picnic tables, benches, BBQ's, player benches)

Fremont Park
(New concrete walkway and benches)

Garcia Bend Park
(New walkway)

Golden Poppy Park 
(New Shaded group picnic area)

Granite Skate Park
(Site Furnishing)

Kemble Park
(Site Furnishing)

McKinley Park Pond
(In process of renovation)

Meadowview Park
(Site Furnishing)

Miller Park
(New drinking fountain)

Oki Park
(Replaced drinking fountains, some picnic tables, benches, BBQ's)

Redtail Hawk Park
(New picnic area)

Tahoe Park 
(Improved walkways new site furnishing)

Valley High Park 
(New walkway and furnishing)

Woodbine Park 
(New playground with accessible swing)


 Additional Concrete and Site Furnishing improvements:


Belle Cooledge Park
Cabrillo Park
Cabrillo Pool
Chorley Park
Cottonwood Park
Garcia Bend Park

Hagginwood Park
McKinley Park
Miller Park
Redbud Park
Tahoe Park


  • There are now 112 park employees in the field maintaining over 200 parks. Prior to Measure U, there were 65 park employees.

  • While not restored to pre-Recession levels, the frequency of restroom cleaning, trash pickup, weeding, edging and blowing in parks has increased, and response time for irrigation repairs has improved.

  • An additional 5 Park Safety Ranger positions were provided by Measure U to address safety and security concerns in the parks.

  • Hours of operation at City Community Centers, including the Hart Senior Center, have been restored, providing safe places for youth, seniors and families.

  • Kids camps, introduction to team sports, help with homework and reading skills, gang prevention, job preparedness, community service, and safe and supervised evening activities for teens are offered with Measure U funding across Sacramento. Many of these programs are at or near capacity.

  • Prime Time Teen serves more than 150 teens with job skills training and the development/delivery of a youth-led service project in their community.

  • The Summer at City Hall program offers at-risk youth internships throughout the City of Sacramento, participating businesses, and nonprofits. Services include job and life skills training, leadership training, planning, educational field trips, and community service. Participants that complete the program earn five (5) high school credits and a stipend.

  • The Neighborhood Hot Spots operate at locations outside of City community centers to provide a better geographic spread throughout Sacramento. This program provides safe and supervised activities on Friday nights for youth ages 13 to 19 years old.

  • Measure U funding for Gang Prevention funding provides administration and fiscal support of gang prevention services for the success of the Hot Spots and Summer at City Hall programs.

  • Measure U provides necessary financial support for the Summer Oasis Camp and year-round youth specialty sports (Jr. Giants, Punt, Pass & Kick, and Pitch, Hit & Run).

  • All twelve City swimming pools and five stand-alone wading pools are open in summer and include swim lessons, swim team, water aerobics, lap swimming, rec swim, family nights, special events, junior lifeguard academy, and lifeguard training academies. Low income families can apply for scholarships for these services. Admission to the wading pools if free. 

  • One-time Measure U dollars are being spent on water infrastructure renovation projects. The projects focused on bringing infrastructure up to code to ensure high quality drinking water.

  • Permitting and Events staff provides administrative and fiscal support to provide community events, leisure enrichment classes, event services support, and coordinates services with other departments and outside agencies.




George Sim Community Center - 808-3761
Oak Park Community Center - 808-6151
Mims/Hagginwood Community Center - 808-6439
Pannell/Meadowview Community Center- 808-6680
South Natomas Community Center - 808-1571
Ethel Hart Senior Center - 808-5462